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Become a true bounty hunter with these Starfield Mandalorian mods

Introduce a little Star Wars into Starfield with bounty hunter armor, reworked sound effects and more with these Starfield Mandalorian mods.

Become a true bounty hunter with these Starfield Mandalorian mods

Want to bring some Star Wars into your game? Starfield modders are way ahead of you with some of the best Starfield mods such as the Millenium Falcon mod, and the Rebel Alliance armor mod. However, we prefer the bounty hunting lifestyle, and found all the Starfield Mandalorian mods to make that a reality.

Of course, you’ll also want to get started on a bounty hunter Starfield build, so we’ve rounded up the best Starfield skills and backgrounds for you.

The foundation of bringing the Mandalorian into Starfield begins with the appropriately titled “Mandalorian – The Bounty Hunter” mod by Starfield modder Xaroph, with credit to Acacyn for the helmets.

This modded Starfield armor set takes the Mantis Spacesuit and the Starborn helmets and replaces them with a Mandalorian-inspired design. Xaroph’s design replicates a lot of Mandalorian motifs, and gives you the option to customize the chest-mounted screen.

Creating a grizzled and brutish appearance, the only thing it’s missing is a custom Mandalorian jetpack and rocket launcher. Fortunately, there are a ton of Starfield packs to choose from, and you can always replicate the rocket launcher with the Bridger firearm.

If you want something that’s more futuristic than the original Mandalorian armor, “The Mandalorian – Boba Fett – Jango Feet” mod by Acacyn retextures the standard Starborn armor, and even comes with Boba Fett and Jango Fett color options. It feels like the perfect blend between Star Wars and Starfield, especially if you’re looking to make your very own Razor Crest Starfield ship by converting the Razorleaf.

Of course, no Starfield Mandalorian bounty hunter would be complete without the iconic Star Wars sound effects. Fortunately, mods like the “Star Wars Bounty Hunter Jetpack Sounds” by Jediah, and modder SPARTAN747’s blaster sound replacement mods for the Solstice and Orion will solve that.

Finally, install the Mandalorian theme main menu mod by Ricknar7 to swap out Starfield’s minimalistic main menu for something more thematic.

Once you have these mods installed, you’ll be almost ready to hunt down some dangerous beasts like the Terrormorph and Swarming Dragon, or track down your first bounty. But first, you’ll want to think about creating your own Mandalorian character in the Starfield character creator window.

We advise taking the Bounty Hunter background (shocker) or the Beast Hunter background. The Bounty Hunter background comes with the benefit of having boost packs unlocked by default, helping you chase down tricky targets from level 1. Focus on ranking up the Lasers skill for extra damage, and make your bounties quiver in fear by taking the Intimidation skill.

These mods are just a taste of what the Starfield modding community is working on. More than 100 Starfield mods are uploaded to Nexus Mods on an almost daily basis, and it’s likely that much larger conversion projects are in the works.

We’re hoping to see a Starfield Alternate Start mod arrive in the not too distant future, so we can start a playthrough off as a bounty hunter for the Tracker’s Alliance.

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