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Trackers Alliance

Trackers Alliance
Faction Types Minor faction
Joinable No
System Cheyenne

Trackers Alliance overview

The Starfield Trackers Alliance faction is a loose collection of bounty hunters. You can find their agents wandering most Starfield cities, with one notable agent – the Mysterious Tracker – being located at the entrance of a major location such as The Lodge in New Atlantis, or outside of Cydonia.

Most of the named and important Trackers Alliance NPCs won’t appear until you have finished speaking with the Mysterious Tracker. Once you’ve started the main Trackers Alliance quest, you will be directed to visit the Trackers Alliance HQ in Akila City, where you will meet Agent No.1, and further the main faction quest introduced in the 1.12.30 Starfield update.

The easiest, non-named NPC can be found in Akila City, just to the left of the statue of Solomon Coe. They will point you in the direction of Trackers Alliance Mission Board quests, which are not to be confused with The Trackers Alliance faction quests.

This faction has several Mission Boards scattered throughout the Settled Systems at which you can collect and turn in bounty-hunting missions. You’ll frequently find them near spaceports, bars like The Hitching Post, and in other areas where people frequently congregate.

Additionally, you can use these same terminals to pay off any bounties you’ve accrued. It’s worth noting that, while you can’t technically join this faction, nor accrue a bounty with them directly, the Trackers Alliance are one of the factions that will come hunting for you should you commit any crimes and gain a bounty from any of the other Starfield factions.

Trackers Alliance NPCs

Within this faction are a number of named characters you can encounter in a variety of locations in Starfield.

Trackers Alliance locations

The Trackers Alliance faction has a presence in the following systems:

How to join the Trackers Alliance

As of the June 2024 Starfield update, it is possible to join the Trackers Alliance as a freelancing bounty hunter.

In order to do so, you must first complete The Trackers Alliance and Starjacker missions, which you can begin on speaking with the Mysterious Tracker located outside one of several major Starfield locations (see Mysterious Tracker page for full details).

Note: you will need to have progressed at least a few missions into the Starfield main quest before the Mysterious Tracker has appeared.

On completing The Starjacker quest, you can return to Agent No.1 in Akila City to pick out your own codename, and gain full access to the Trackers Alliance bounty system.

At this point, you’ll be considered an official member of the Trackers Alliance, and will have free reign to scan NPCs in search of bounties.

Other Trackers Alliance missions remain available whether you join the faction or not, and can be obtained by visiting a Mission Board and taking a Trackers Alliance bounty mission. These missions will typically require you to hunt down a pirate or similar high-value target in space, or on the surface of a planet.