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This Starfield Steam Deck mod lets you explore space on the go

There’s a new Starfield Steam Deck mod to enhance the experience of playing Bethesda’s RPG on the handheld device.

This Starfield Steam Deck mod lets you explore space on the go

Within a week of the beginning of Early Access, there’s a Starfield Steam Deck mod to get Bethesda’s new epic RPG running to the best of its ability on Valve’s premium handheld console. It’s fantastic news if you’re hoping to play Starfield on the go, and easily a candidate for one of the best Starfield mods we’ve seen so far.

The Starfield Steam Deck Essentials mod from user TheHybred has all the details and information you need on its Nexus Mods entry page, including everything the mod improves. It’s not a short list of improvements, either, with everything from character animations to stutter reductions implemented in the full package.

It’s worth noting that you might need a bit of hardware know-how to follow the instructions for installing the Starfield Steam Deck mod, but it’s hardly as complicated as something like Automated Weapon Systems or Outpost Management. At the time of writing, Starfield isn’t Steam Deck verified, but this optimization package is all you need to forget about any system requirements and take to the skies.

This Steam Deck mod is just one of many impressive Starfield mods we’ve seen in the first few days of Early Access. There’s also a host of improvement options for PC, from enhanced color grading to camera adjustments, so whatever way you’re playing, you can enhance or alter your experience.

There you have it, all you need to know about the Starfield Steam Deck mod that makes it possible for you to experience the majesty of the Settled Systems on the go. To set off on your Steam Deck Starfield quest, check out our guides to the many locations, planets, and systems just a short rocket ride away.