Starfield Steam Deck

Potential Starfield Steam Deck players are hopeful the upcoming Bethesda RPG is a perfect fit for the hardware, so we’ve tried to figure out if there’s a reason to be optimistic.

Ahead of the release, many owners of Valve’s portable gaming hardware are hopeful that a verified Starfield Steam Deck release is on the cards. So, we’ve checked out all the details we have ahead of the launch, and we’re here to try and answer the question, so you can start planning how you’re going to play.

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Is Starfield Steam Deck verified?

This far ahead of the Starfield release date, we don’t know whether you can expect a Starfield Steam Deck verification right out of the gates. We can look to other industry trends to get an impression, though. Considering high-quality AAA titles like Hogwarts Legacy and Elden Ring are both Steam Deck verified, it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see Starfield see the same treatment.

Unsurprisingly, the question regarding Starfield Steam Deck verification is a popular one on the Starfield Reddit forums. While there’s a lot of optimism surrounding the possibility, some have pointed out that neither Steam versions of Fallout 4 nor Skyrim: Anniversary Edition are Steam Deck verified, which is causing some concern. As soon as we know if you can expect Starfield to be Steam Verified, we’ll be back to update this page.

Screenshot of a robot alone in space from the Starfield trailer for Starfield Steam Deck guide

Does Starfield run on Steam Deck?

Of course, a game doesn’t need to be Steam Deck verified to run on the hardware. While it’s hard to tell this far in advance how capable the Steam Deck is of running Starfield, especially without the full tech specs, many assume that you may need to sacrifice some quality or frame rate to be able to play Starfield on Steam Deck. We’re keeping an eye out for an update on the Starfield Steam page regarding Starfield system requirements to know more.

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