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Starfield Steam Deck

Potential Starfield Steam Deck players are hopeful to see Bethesda's RPG earn a Verified rating for the popular SteamOS hardware. Bad news...

Starfield Steam Deck

Many owners of Valve’s portable gaming hardware may have been hopeful that a “Verified” Starfield Steam Deck release was on the cards. Unfortunately, those dreams may well be permanently dashed, with the Steam Deck rating for Starfield being officially confirmed as “Unsupported.”

If you’ve played the game on PC or Xbox, this may not come as much of a surprise considering the Starfield system requirements are remarkably high.

Is Starfield Steam Deck verified?

Starfield has an official “Unsupported” rating for the Steam Deck. For the moment at least, Bethesda is not yet ready to discuss a Starfield Steam Deck version, as Todd Howard replied during a recent interview. But they will discuss it “later down the road.”

Unsurprisingly, the question regarding Starfield Steam Deck verification is a popular one on the Starfield Reddit forums. While there’s a lot of optimism surrounding the possibility, some have pointed out that neither Fallout 4 nor Skyrim: Anniversary Edition are Steam Deck verified.

Is Starfield Steam deck compatible?

Of course, a game doesn’t need to be Steam Deck verified to run on the hardware. However, our testing in this case shows that Starfield barely runs on the SteamOS platform. There are significant performance issues and extended loading times even on the lowest settings. You’re better off playing the game on PC or Xbox.

The Bethesda community has a long history of modding the studios’ games, so it’s also a possibility that a friendly Starfield mod makes some adjustments to the base game to make Starfield more Steam Deck-friendly. Regardless, Starfield is not Steam Deck compatible in any official capacity.

What is the Starfield Steam Deck keyboard?

An unofficial Steam Deck mod from Reddit user 64GB – Q4 comes complete with the Starfield color scheme, offering you yet another way to show off your love for Todd Howard’s deep space blockbuster.

If Steam Deck isn’t your preferred platform, consider checking out the Starfield Xbox, Starfield Game Pass, Starfield Steam, and the unconfirmed Starfield PS5 versions. Or, if you’re looking for ways to enhance the game, see our list of the best Starfield mods.