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Yes, there’s already a Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine mod

We’ve got our first Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine mod, with plenty of eager downloaders ready to give Vasco an eerie makeover.

Yes, there’s already a Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine mod

With the release of Bethesda’s grandiose adventure through the Settled Systems, there’s one thing we’ve all been waiting on. No, it’s not space flight mechanics. It’s not romanceable companions, either. It’s a Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine mod we want, and with little delay, the community already creating Starfield mods has delivered.

We say the modding community, but right now, it’s just modder BulwarkHD we have to thank for coming out on top of the race to create the first Starfield Thomas the Tank Engine mod. Sure, it’s not quite the classic ‘Thomas falling from the sky’ meme mod many of us had such a great time recreating in Skyrim, but this redesign of Vasco to turn him into a nightmarish robot version of everyone’s favorite smiling blue locomotive will undoubtedly do for now.

If you’re still reading this and wondering why a Thomas the Tank Engine mod in Starfield is such a big deal, you clearly haven’t paid much attention to the Bethesda modding community for the last ten years. Skyrim, Fallout 4, and some older games from the studios’ archives all, for some reason, have mods featuring Thomas himself. It’s become something of a tradition among the community to somehow get the friendly train into the game. So, we’ve been keeping an eye out since the first slew of mods started arriving on Nexus Mods.

Of course, there isn’t much utility with the Thomas the Tank Engine mod, though it is funny to look at it. Vasco somehow seems a little more threatening when doling out its intimidating combat lines while donning a blue makeover complete with Thomas’ uncanny facial features. Now all we’re waiting for is a mod to turn Walter Stroud into Sir Topham Hatt. Let’s face it, he’s got some serious controller vibes.

With that, you’re up to date with the news that we have our first Starfield Thomas the Tank engine mod less than a week after the game’s launch. If all this talking of mods makes you want to enhance some of your in-game equipment, check out our guides for the best Starfield weapon mods and armor mods.