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The first companion the Spacefarer may encounter is Starfield’s Vasco, a lovable utility robot from Constellation.

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Of all the companions we’ve seen so far in Starfield, none are so beloved by Bethesda as Starfield’s Vasco. The first and only robotic companion confirmed prior to the June showcase, we’ve collected everything we know about this reliable utility robot into one simple guide.

Vasco is a modified expeditionary robot, originally built by Lunar Robotics. He was refurbished from his original design to better fit Constellation’s requirements. While exploration is his main objective, Vasco comes with a number of defensive implements for when the needs arise.

As a “utilitarian, heavy-industrial machine”, Vasco is well suited to the rigors of space travel and hostile environments. Some concept art has shown Vasco repairing a Starfield ship, but his actual utility in-game have yet to be fully demonstrated.

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Starfield Vasco’s appearance

According to Istvan Pely, Bethesda’s Lead Artist, “Vasco’s design is based on a standard Type-A bipedal chassis”. He comes equipped with two long arms and “all [the] survival gear, and payload capacity needed for extended overland journeys.”

Though the years of service have left him with some dents, and scratches, Vasco’s white and red paint job mirrors Constellation’s signature colors. His head is mounted atop a narrow torso, and possesses a large camera lens. As one might expect from an expeditionary robot, Vasco comes equipped with a number of climber’s hooks, clasps, winches, and tools.

It’s worth noting that Vasco’s appearance varies from trailer to trailer. This could be due to a change in design during development, or hints at the ability to modify Vasco for your own needs. If the latter is true, you may be able to alter Vasco’s appearance considerably, repaint him, or even redesign him using a similar framework that Bethesda has used before in Fallout 4’s Automatron DLC.

If you want a full introduction to Vasco, be sure to check out the Starfield: Meet Vasco below.

Vasco romance options

With all the love Bethesda has expressed for Vasco, there’s a chance that the amorous Spacefarer could enjoy some romance with Vasco.

Vasco wouldn’t be the first robot you can romance in a Bethesda title, with Curie from Fallout 4 stealing players’ hearts. However, it is worth noting that Curie was only romanceable once she had transitioned from a robotic body into a synthetic human form. Thus, it’s unclear if Vasco is romantically available.

Where to find Vasco in Starfield

Starfield’s Vasco was first seen in action during the gameplay trailer, which took place on Kreet. In a GQ interview with Todd Howard, Bethesda’s chief confirmed that Vasco is the first companion you meet, joining up with you as you set off on your debut quest in the Frontier, the first ship you unlock in the game. Howard also confirmed that the robot refers to you as ‘Captain’, so at least we know it’s aware of the power dynamic.

Who is Vasco’s voice actor in Starfield?

We know that Bethesda has used real-life actors to portray robots before, with Stephen Russell portraying Fallout’s Codsworth and other mechanical NPCs in the series. So, the assumption is that Vasco’s voice actor is also going to be a human doing a robot voice, rather than anything auto-generated or involving AI.

However, we haven’t seen anyone yet claim responsibility as Vasco’s voice actor, nor has Bethesda credited anyone in advance of release, so it’s anyone’s guess who might be starring in the robotic role. Either way, we’re sure to find out after the Starfield release date when we make it to the credits and check out the Starfield cast of voice actors.

Is there a Starfield Vasco figure?

If you’re in-game Starfield Vasco companion just isn’t enough, you can check out the Starfield Explorer’s Bundle over at the official Bethesda Gear store to add a figurine version of the friendly robot to your collection. The Starfield Vasco figurine isn’t quite strong enough to use as a stand for your Starfield controller or headset, but it is a great way of showing off your love for Bethesda’s space-age RPG without having to go around wearing a full spacesuit.

Custom image of two Starfield Vasco figures standing side-by-side