Starfield VR

With Bethesda’s Creation Engine 2 breathing new life into an incredible new universe, is there a Starfield VR option in the works?

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Starfield is set to be one of the most expansive universes Bethesda has ever created, and a Starfield VR (Virtual Reality) mode would provide an innovative way to immerse yourself in over 1000 planets.

It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen virtual reality brought to a Bethesda title, but the future of a VR mode in Starfield is somewhat uncertain.

Will there be Starfield VR at launch?

Bethesda has not announced any plans to introduce a VR mode to Starfield as of the time of writing. The June 2023 showcase could shed light on the possibility of a VR mode, but, as with Skyrim and Fallout 4, virtual reality might not be available for Starfield until after the initial release.

VR in Starfield could be a revolutionary way to explore the Settled Systems.

Has Bethesda done VR before?

Yes! Bethesda has previously created VR modes for Skyrim, Fallout 4, DOOM, and Wolfenstein Cyberpilot. Fallout 4 VR was released in December 2017, and Skyrim VR was released in April 2018. Both were received positively by Bethesda fans, and included a number of changes to better fit the VR platform.

Virtual reality versions of Skyrim and Fallout launched as standalone copies of the original base games and have since received considerable love from the modding community. Just a few notable contributions include unofficial bug fixes, locational damage, and making the player’s hands visible.

A Starfield VR mode would be amazing when flying through an asteroid belt.

Flying through space in Starfield VR

Taking everything into account, it’s not impossible that Starfield will get a VR mode at or after its September launch. It could retail as a separate version of the game, much like its predecessors, or it could be an upcoming Starfield DLC or expansion.

Imagine flying through an asteroid belt while piloting a ship in VR. Imagine jetpacking across a laser-strewn battlefield. Imagine exploring the 1000 planets of the Settled Systems.

If Starfield does get VR, it could be phenomenal.


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