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Starfield boost pack

The Starfield boost pack makes traversal a breeze, but you don't have access to it right away. Here's how to unlock Starfield's boost pack.

Starfield boost pack

With Starfield offering you so much to explore, it’s fortunate that you’re equipped with a boost pack to speed up traversal. But the game isn’t very clear about how to unlock the Starfield boost pack, and many players have been left wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Fortunately, it’s easy to start using the Starfield boost pack once you know how. All you need to do is spend a skill point in the correct option in the Starfield skills menu.

How to unlock the Starfield Boost pack

You unlock the Starfield boost pack by spending a skill point on the Boost Pack Training skill. 

Although the game tells you that you can boost at any time by pressing the jump button (Y on Xbox consoles, or the space bar on PC) while in midair, this won’t actually work until you have spent a skill point in the relevant skill and have a boost pack equipped.

If you rank up the Boost Pack Training skill enough, you’ll eventually unlock the ability to hover with your Starfield jetpack of choice – giving you a stable platform from which to pick off your enemies during combat, for example.

Different boost packs will give you different levels of boost, with some offering short bursts of lift while others provide longer, gentler burns. Fortunately, our database of Starfield boost packs means you can sort through the available options and set your sights on the boost pack of your dreams.

It’s worth noting that Starfield is occasionally a little inconsistent in how it refers to these items. Sometimes that game calls them boost packs, and in other places they’re referred to as Starfield boost packs.

Starfield Boost Pack combat

We first saw the Starfield Boost Pack in action during the Starfield trailer in June 2022. While battling the Crimson Fleet on Kreet, a moon of Anselon, the Spacefarer could be seen flying and shooting across a chasm.

This jump closely resembled the jetpack functionality seen in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. However, Bethesda have expanded on the jetpack’s maneuverability, allowing players to fly side to side. This ability to boost yourself in multiple directions provides the Spacefarer with greater flexibility during combat. As seen in the background of the Starfield release date trailer, the Spacefarer can use the Boost Pack to get behind cover quickly to avoid enemy fire.

The Boost Pack is also seen during the first few missions you get to play, whereas in previous Bethesda titles the jetpack has been a rare mid to late-game find or locked behind a high skill requirement.

Starfield Boost Pack exploration

Aside from dodging bullets, the Boost Pack is also a great way of exploring the numerous locations dotted throughout the known universe. You can use it to ascend difficult climbs, cross treacherous valleys, or prevent an otherwise fatal fall. However, the amount of time you can use the Boost Pack for any one jump is limited, so be sure to time your deceleration perfectly or risk becoming Starfield jam.

Starfield Boost Pack upgrades

During the Starfield Direct showcase, we caught sight of the Boost Pack training skill, which appears to improve the time you can use the Boost Pack for, and potentially how fast or high it can go.

Using the Boost Pack in Starfield consumes ‘Boost’, which appears above your health bar as you use it. Though it is consumed very quickly, it seems that Boost regenerates rapidly after use, making the Starfield jetpack best suited for short hops.

In the Fallout series, using the jetpack consumed ‘Action Points’ (AP) which would regenerate after a short delay. You could take a number of different skills to increase the amount of AP you had available, or how quickly it regenerated, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Starfield take a similar approach. Likewise, a number of items such as medicine, food, and drinks could further boost your AP and allow you to jetpack around for longer.

With the research lab and armor sections seen in various trailers, you’ll also be able to craft specific upgrades for your Boost Pack.