Who needs an official Starfield Xbox skin? This fan designed their own

Starfield headset and controller owners were disappointed to find no official Starfield Xbox console available, so one fan made their own.

During the recent Starfield Direct showcase – a deep-dive on every aspect of the upcoming RPG – several pieces of official merchandise were unveiled in the form of a headset and controller, but no Starfield Xbox console skins were to be seen. Fans have been pleading on social media for an official Starfield tie-in console from Bethesda. One fan couldn’t wait, so they made their own, and it looks awesome.

Bethesda have not announced any plans to create or release a Starfield Xbox skin for a Series X/S console, despite another Bethesda title – Redfall – getting an official custom skin.

So some fans have started making their own.

Redditor Limp-Chemical-8210 got a hold of an official Starfield controller and used its design and color scheme to create their own Starfield Xbox Series X skin.

Screenshot of the Xbox skin made by Limp-Chemical-8210, posted on Reddit.

Limp-Chemical-8210’s Xbox now sports the Constellation colors and stripes.

Screenshot of the Xbox skin made by Limp-Chemical-8210, posted on Reddit.

Redditors responded enthusiastically, with F4HR3NHE1T asking the important question, “How do I get myself one of these lol?”

Great question! The original poster, Limp-Chemical-8210 says they designed the Starfield Xbox skin in Photoshop and printed it onto an adhesive vinyl sticker. They were very careful to avoid covering any air vents to prevent any overheating issues down the line.

Screenshot of the Xbox skin made by Limp-Chemical-8210, posted on Reddit.

Sadly, Limp-Chemical-8210 has not made the design publicly available, but they have stated they could look at adjusting the design in future. However, there is always a chance that they make the .psd file available for download in the future.

Until then, fans will have to design and print off their own Starfield Xbox skins, or wait for an official announcement from Bethesda.

Fortunately, fans can get their hands on the Starfield headset and controller much more easily, and a few others goodies that come packed in the Starfield Constellation Edition. As more announcements and collectible merchandise is announced, make sure you follow us on Google News to stand a chance of snagging the latest Starfield hardware before they go out of stock.

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