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Steam just revealed the number of Starfield achievements

Gamers who purchased Starfield on Steam have discovered just how many Starfield achievements there will be come September.

Steam just revealed the number of Starfield achievements

While playing Bethesda’s upcoming epic RPG, you’re bound to unlock a few Starfield achievements. It was unknown how many trophies Starfield would be hiding, but now, thanks to an accidental discovery on Steam, we know that Starfield will launch with 50 Starfield achievements, which isn’t nearly as many as we thought there would be.

Thanks to a private message sent to the Starfield Beyond Twitter account, fans caught sight of the Starfield Steam achievement counter which states that there are 50 achievements in Starfield. You can see the original image sent to Starfield Beyond below.

Screenshot taken by a Steam user of the Starfield achievement counter and sent to the Starfield Beyond Twitter account.

For a universe with over 1000 planets, more factions you can join than ever, and a game with over 200,000 lines of dialog, 50 achievements seems rather small. 2015’s Fallout 4 launched with 50 achievements, which expanded to 84 with all of the additional DLC.

However, Starfield’s achievement count isn’t as surprising as you might think.

Every Bethesda title since Fallout 3 has launched with 50 achievements in the base game. This number has often risen to 72 or higher as additional story expansions and DLC are added to each game.

Starfield launching with 50 achievements, despite the increase in the game’s scale over other Bethesda titles, isn’t all that shocking. If anything, Starfield could easily have had more than 50 achievements at launch, but that might not have been a good thing. Even if you maxed out your Starfield skills and ship components, jumping from one end of the universe to the other in order to bag all of Starfield’s achievements would be a chore.

That said, we fully expect that Starfield will feature more than a few ridiculous achievement requirements. Visiting all of Starfield’s 1000+ planets, or even surveying them, could well be the hardest challenge of them all.

A full and detailed list of achievements has not yet been released, but once one has, we will be updating our Starfield achievements guide so you can get them all.

Until then, make sure you check out our Starfield opening quest guide, where you’ll almost certainly earn the first achievement once Starfield launches on Early Access. To make sure you don’t miss out on any achievement updates, follow Starfield Db on Google News.