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Starfield headset

The limited edition Starfield headset is available for purchase now, so we've gathered all the best wireless Starfield headset prices.

Starfield headset

While Starfield might not have a multiplayer function, the Starfield headset nonetheless comes with a respectable microphone for your online gaming, all while sporting the Constellation color scheme. The official Starfield headset is worth the $124.99 price tag, but we’ve gone ahead to round up all the best Starfield headset prices and deals below.

It’s in really high demand right now, so make sure you secure your Starfield headset and controller while stocks last.

Starfield headset price

Starfield headset review

If you’ve already picked up the Starfield controller, the Starfield headset is the perfect accompaniment with its matching color scheme and design choices. The bronze rumble triggers on the controller pair well with the Starfield headset’s clear mic boom with an internal bronze speaker piece. The headset is well-cushioned, and provides great sound quality for a headset in its price range.

Screenshot of the Starfield headset mic.

The earcups are a particular highlight, offering a really soft cushion against your ears and head.

The battery life is about what you might expect for a headset of this caliber, lasting a total of 15 hours of battery life on a full charge. From a charging perspective, 30 minutes of charging nets you about 4 hours of battery life, which is very welcome if you’ve forgotten to charge your headset overnight.

Screenshot of the Starfield headset color scheme.

If we were to have one criticism: the Starfield headset is quite heavy at 312g, but then it does pack a lot of features and quality-of-life comforts in the headband, ear cushions, speakers. You can also attribute the heft of the headset to the lithium-ion battery, which was never going to be light.

When was the Starfield headset release date?

The Starfield headset release date arrived just after the latest Starfield showcase, so you can pick it up now. With Starfield rocketing towards release, this Starfield limited edition headset won’t last forever, and demand is incredibly high, so make sure to snag yours while you can!

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Is there a Starfield headset and controller bundle?

If you want to go into Bethesda’s deep space adventure with all the official kit, you can still pick up the Starfield headset and controller bundle through some independent retailers. However, sites like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy aren’t offering this deal, so you may need to look further afield to secure both the Starfield headset and controller with a single click.

Is the Starfield headset voice chat compatible?

Not only is the Starfield headset voice chat compatible, but you can be sure of hearing your fellow astronauts in crystal clear quality thanks to this impressive bit of kit. The headset is compatible with all the usual Xbox tuning-up mechanics, including EQ settings and mic monitoring levels, as well as specialist sound technology like Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic. As far as space communication tools go, it’s powerful enough to make sure you’re in contact with mission control – or your Xbox party, in this instance – no matter the depths you journey to.