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Freestar Collective

Thinking of joining Starfield’s Freestar Collective faction? Our guide includes key locations, NPCs, and how to join the Freestar Collective.

Freestar Collective
Faction Types Major faction
Joinable Yes
System Cheyenne, Volii, Narion
Item Code 000638E5

Want to know more about the Starfield Freestar Collective faction? The Freestar Collective (FC) are a confederation of three star systems, and are one of the biggest players across the Settled Systems. However, despite their relative power, the faction isn’t interested in expanding its borders, political clout, or influence. Its main goal is to preserve and protect the personal freedoms of its citizens, and takes on the role of a peacekeeping force.

The Freestar Collective is one of many joinable Starfield factions which provides a unique questlines, rewards, and also has a Freestar Collective mission terminal at The Rock in Akila City so you can take on radiant missions that are FC themed.

How to join the Freestar Collective

If you want to join the Freestar Collective, you’ll need to head to their homeworld of Akila, and land within Akila City.

Once you’ve entered the city, you’ll soon discover that the local Galbank branch is being robbed, and a hostage situation has broken out. Just overhearing about the situation will begin the quest Job Gone Wrong.

Speak with Marshall Daniel Blake and offer to assist him in dealing with the bank robbers. Blake would prefer you speak with the robbers first and try to persuade them to surrender. However, you can just as easily make your way into the branch through a backdoor and deal with the robbers more directly.

Once you’ve dealt with the heist, go to The Rock and find Emma Wilcox, who will most likely be lounging around at the bar. Speak with her and register your interest in joining the Freestar Collective. This will begin the Deputized mission, which will set you on your way to becoming a fully-fledged member of the Freestar Collective.

When was the Freestar Collective founded?

Following the creation of the Centaurus Proclamation by the United Colonies in 2161 AD, UC citizens were given the inherent right to settle distant Starfield planets and form sovereign powers. A few decades thereafter in 2188 AD, a collection of settlers from Akila and Neon formally organized themselves into the Freestar Collective. The city of Akila City, which was originally founded by Solomon Coe in 2167 AD, soon became the defacto capital city of the FC faction.

In 2194 AD, the Freestar Collective territory was expanded when the Narion system requested to join the Collective in response to a perceived threat from the United Colonies. The Narion system felt threatened by the United Colonies’ efforts to build a UC medical starstation – The Clinic – in orbit around their homeworld. As a direct result of the newborn alliance between the Narion system and the Freestar Collective, a war known as the Narion War erupted.

According to the museum at MAST, the UC won the battle, but allowed the citizens of Narion to remain Freestar Collective citizens, thereby ending the war with the Treaty of Narion.

Eventually, the FC would come into conflict once more with the UC during an event known as the Colony War. While the United Colonies employed xenobiological weapons similar to the Terrormorph, the Freestar Collective responded with advanced Mech suits, of which surviving Mech Components can still be found.

When the Colony War drew to a close, the FC signed “The Armistice” alongside the UC. The Armistice was an agreement between the two factions which swore to prevent mech or biological warfare to be employed ever again.

Ever since, an uneasy truce has remained between the two factions.

Freestar Collective NPCs

Within this faction are a number of named characters you can encounter in a variety of locations in Starfield.

Freestar Collective Locations

Akila City is the capital city of the Freestar Collective, and the planet of Akila in the Cheyenne system. Like UC’s New Atlantis, Akila is described as being home to a variety of people. Despite the faction’s stance on personal freedom, the capital is surrounded by an enormous wall which might keep the hostile fauna out, but also locks the locals in.

The defenders of Akila and the wall operate out of a stronghold known simply as “The Rock” which, oddly, contains the statue of an Ashta – the velociraptor-like creatures at odds with the FC.

The soldiers occupying ‘The Rock’ as Freestar Rangers, who are almost certainly inspired by the New California Republic Rangers from Fallout New Vegas.

Neon also falls under the Freestar Collective’s jurisdiction.

Freestar Collective locations

The Freestar Collective faction has a presence in the following systems:

Who are the Freestar Collective’s enemies?

20 years before the events of the main story, the United Colonies were at war with the Freestar Collective in a conflict known as the Colony War. While they are now at peace, it’s safe to say tensions remain, and allegiance to one may strain your relations with the other.

While not a faction to our knowledge, the predatory Ashta present a constant threat to the Freestar Collective’s capital of Akila – one you may well be asked to solve. But perhaps the constant attacks on the city present an opportunity to their rivals, the UC?