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Starfield carry weight

If you’re trying to get your head around the Starfield carry weight system, our explainer is all you need to avoid becoming encumbered.

Starfield carry weight

One of the biggest complications to space exploration in Bethesda’s epic RPG is your Starfield carry weight. There’s nothing more irritating than the game telling you you’re encumbered, making it almost impossible to move with speed when you’re right in the middle of a quest or scanning a new planet. So, we’ve put a guide together explaining the carry weight system and how you can make a few improvements to avoid overwhelming your inventory.

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Starfield carry weight explained

As is almost always the case with Bethesda games, the Starfield carry weight capacity is a limitation to the amount of items you can hold in your inventory. You begin the game with 135 kilograms of carry capacity, but there are ways you can improve that. Considering valuable items like space suits and packs often carry a decent price, you want to make as much space as possible in your inventory to be able to loot and sell and keep those credits rolling in to fund your travels through the Sol system and beyond.

Screenshot of an in-game menu including the Starfield carry weight capacity

How to increase your Starfield carry weight

There are multiple ways you can increase your Starfield carry weight, so we’ve put them all in a neat little bullet-point list below. If you figure out something we haven’t covered yet, be sure to let us know via our Starfield forum.

  • Level up the Weight Lifting skill. At Rank 4, your carry capacity increases by a whopping 100 kilograms, giving you plenty of inventory space.
  • Build outposts with storage capacity.
  • Find one of the Starfield ships with a high cargo capacity. We recommend the Razorleaf you get for completing the Mantis quest here. Remember, you can craft anywhere with resources from your inventory and ship cargo, so leaving resources on your spacecraft is never a bad idea.
  • Some specific aid items increase capacity for a short amount of time. This is especially useful if you find yourself encumbered but know you have space in your ship cargo to store inventory items.
  • Pass off heavy items to your companions like Sarah Morgan and Barrett. Each companion has a carry capacity of 100.
  • The Pocketed and Carry Capacity legendary armor effects increase your carry capacity. Look out for equipment with these active effects or mod them onto your weapons.

If you’re a PC player and don’t want to mess around increasing your skills before you can hold more items, there is a specific Starfield carry weight console command to lighten the load. We’ve got a whole guide dedicated to Starfield console commands, but if you just need this one, here you are:

  • player.setav carryweight [X] – Set the [X] number in this console command to your desired Starfield carry weight.

There you have it, our guide on how to increase your Starfield carry weight. If you’re struggling to move illegal items out of your inventory, see our Starfield contraband guide while you’re here.