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Starfield drugs

Stimulants, boosters, and Starfield drugs like Aurora could give you an edge in combat or enhance your base abilities.

Starfield drugs

Throughout the Settled Systems, you’ll find various Starfield drugs and substances, and we’ve compiled all the details here for your pleasure. Bethesda has been known to include alcohol, drugs, and contraband in previous titles, and Starfield is no different.

Starfield drugs

Bethesda has given us Skooma in Skyrim, and a whole host of questionable substances in the Fallout series. The only confirmed drug in Starfield as of writing is Aurora – a hallucinogenic substance manufactured by the Xenofresh Corporation on Neon.

The actual effects of taking Aurora are unclear with regards to boosting or harming player stats. However, the ESRB rating confirmed that consuming Aurora will produce a screen distortion effect.

Drugs we may see in future could closely resemble those found in the Fallout series, and thus slow time, provide damage resistances, boost key skills like persuasion, or make it easier to survive in hostile environments.

Starfield alcohol

Beer, mead, wine, and hard liquor have found their way into almost every Elder Scrolls and Fallout title. Consuming them often gives a boost to your health or player stats, but drinking too much of them can create screen distortion effects or even cause you to blackout. Thus, it would be strange not to see alcohol in Starfield, especially when we know drugs will be present.

Considering the Freestar Collective is a Wild West-style faction, there must be some moonshining or illicit distilling going on somewhere in the Settled Systems.

Can you get addicted to Starfield drugs?

Historically, substance abuse in the Fallout series has led to a number of status effects called ‘addictions’. If you developed one of these ‘addictions’ you would suffer ‘withdrawal symptoms’ in the form of debuffs such as a reduction to your strength or intelligence stat. In order to temporarily alleviate these symptoms, you would need to regularly consume the drug or substance which caused your addiction.

While the addiction wouldn’t disappear on its own or by going cold turkey, you could visit a doctor in Fallout and pay to have it removed, or use special items.

Starfield addiction could work in a similar fashion. If you take too much of the Aurora drug, you might find yourself with the need to consume it on a regular basis or suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Where can you get Starfield drugs?

Thanks to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board’s Starfield rating we now know that you can indeed purchase Aurora from vendors. You can also steal the drug from hapless NPCs, but signing up with the narcotic’s producer, the Xenofresh Corporation faction, could be your best chance at getting extra Aurora.

Just remember: Aurora is only legal in Neon, and is considered an illegal substance throughout the rest of the Settled Systems. Possessing drugs and other narcotics could be classed as a Starfield crime.

If you’re interested in pursuing a criminal career in Starfield, consider joining the Crimson Fleet, and maxing out your digipicking skills.