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You can dye your Starfield spacesuit with alien blood

Several clues were spotted during the Starfield Direct showcase deep-dive which suggest you can create Starfield dyes from alien creatures.

You can dye your Starfield spacesuit with alien blood

Starfield’s armor customization options are still a bit of a mystery, but one sharp-eyed Redditor has spotted clues that you can selectively color portions of your armor with Starfield dyes. Whether you’re draining the pigments from a creature’s veins, grinding up their chitin into paste, or scooping out colorful goop from their venom sacs, you can be sure a number of colorful armor options are coming to Starfield.

We saw several alien creatures in a number of biomes during the Starfield Direct deep-dive on all of Starfield’s upcoming content. These creatures were scanned using the Starfield scanner – a tool used to investigate a planet and its many features – and an interesting detail popped up on the Hunting Sailgator alien.

“Resource – Pigment”

This observation, made by Redditor KrimxonRath, could well indicate that a variety of Starfield creatures will drop pigments that you could be crafting into dyes for your spacesuits. Supporting KrimxonRath’s theory that you can selectively dye sections of your armor was a screenshot of two Starfield NPCs with differently colored collars and sleeves. Below you can see an NPC with an orange collar, while the other’s is a blue-gray.

Screenshot of two spacesuits with different Starfield dyes applied.

Given that Starfield allows the player greater freedom for customizing their ship, particularly with color schemes, it would appear that the same will apply to some if not all of Starfield’s armor and clothing options.

Redditors were quick to support the theory, pointing back to other examples such as these Crimson Fleet outfits.

Screenshot of Crimson Fleet armor Starfield dye comparisons.

It is unclear if different aliens will provide different colored pigments at this time. It could be that the paint is actually added through the Starfield crafting system, rather than being dropped by a specific creature.

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