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Hungry fan builds a Starfield ship shaped like a hot dog

The food in Starfield has been a smash hit with fans, so much so that people are making food-inspired spaceships, particularly hot dogs.

Hungry fan builds a Starfield ship shaped like a hot dog

There are many unorthodox and wacky Starfield ship options out there in the Settled Systems and on Reddit thanks to the extensive ship customization options on offer in Starfield. Yet, the strangest of them all turned out to be a hot dog Starfield ship, which would leave any would-be pirate confused moments before a fight broke out.

Starfield ship customization modules allow you to tailor your ship’s stats, weapons, and appearance. Some of the greatest Starfield ship designs created by fans include homages to popular franchises such as Star Wars, Halo, and Mass Effect.

Some fans, like Redditor HugePinball, have a different approach to ship building. The hot dog isn’t among the current Starfield food options. Perhaps to fill this void, HugePinball replicated the Oscar Mayer hot dog van in Starfield.

Screenshot of the hot dog-inspired Starfield ship by Redditor HugePinball.

Considering the ship’s quirky design, most prospective pirates eyeing up this Starfield ship probably wouldn’t expect it to be decked out with a ludicrous missile launcher system, which has a rating of 1503. That’s enough missiles to take on some of the best Starfield ships out there, even M-Class capital ships.

Comparison made by Redditor HugePinball between their Starfield hot dog ship, and the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog van.

HugePinball showed us what their ship, the “Wienershuttle”, can do in combat, and it’s everything you’d expect of a rocket-mounted hot dog with enough missiles to take out an asteroid.

The only thing that’s missing from HugePinball’s creation is a piece of Starfield armor for their player character that’s in the shape of a hot dog. Hopefully, we’ll see such a costume in the near future with a Starfield mod. We also hope to see more ships in the shape of food items, with our fingers-crossed for a sandwich pirate driving a sandwich-themed ship.

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