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Starfield social builds

Looking to smooth-talk your way through the stars? With proper care put into choosing your character background, skills, and equipment, the best Starfield speech and social build will keep you out of trouble

Starfield social builds

Looking for the best Starfield speech and social builds? If you want to avoid serving any time in the slammer or having to deal with bullet holes in your space suit, you’ll want to consider the option of living your best space life with virtually no weapons at all. No conflict, just good old-fashioned dialogue, discussion, and diffusion.

Before we start the chatter, take a look at our extensive Starfield resource database to get a good idea of where to find the materials you’ll need to craft any valuable Starfield weapons. That’ll help you build up a luxury Starfield ship to travel between Starfield planets for more diplomatic missions. Like to wine and dine? Learn more about Starfield consumables while you’re at it.

Best backgrounds for Starfield social builds

The best Starfield backgrounds for a Starfield speech and social builds are those that begin with the Persuasion skill. Any increased chances of succeeding in a social situation can’t be sniffed at:

Background Build Starting skills
Diplomat Merchant
Sculptor Scholar
Space Scoundrel Star-faring vagabond

Best traits for social builds

Picking the best Starfield traits for your Starfield stealth Speech and Social builds might not seem like a big deal, but they’re gameplay modifiers that can have a dramatic effect on your character’s path as you play. Here are the ones to look out for:

  • United Colonies Native / Neon Street Rat / Freestar Collective Settler – Your faction choice will give you unique dialogue options with its members, opening up new adventures.
  • Taskmaster – Self-repairing ship parts with the right staff. Just reduce their wage demands through bartering.
  • Extrovert – More oxygen with more people means more running around and reasons to chat.

Best skills for Starfield social builds

The best skills for a Starfield speech and social are largely those that increase your ability to gain more by shooting less. Zoology lets you pluck materials from animals without hurting them, for example. But if you’re not going the full pacifist route, you can keep blood off your own hands by using Xenosociology to command beasts to do your bidding instead.

  • Zoology
  • Research Methods
  • Crippling
  • Xenosociology
  • Ship Commanding
  • Manipulation
  • Instigation
  • Bribery
  • Intimidation
  • Diplomacy
  • Deception
  • Theft
  • Persuasion
  • Commerce

Best armor for Starfield social builds

When it comes to the best armor for Starfield speech and social builds, it’s hard to know where to start. After all, why do you need it? Simple. The right armor can reduce the damage you take from the environment as well, potentially opening up paths to civilizations you’d otherwise struggle to reach. And who knows what they can be talked into doing for you.

Here are the perks and mods to look out for when choosing armor:

  • Heavy Shielding – Reduces damage from all sources.
  • Mechanized – Increases carrying capacity
  • Gravitic Composites – Reduces enemy detection chance
  • EM Shielding – Reduces damage from EM sources
  • Hazard Protection – Reduces damage from Airborne, Thermal, Corrosive, and Radiation
  • Extra Capacity (Pack) -Increases carrying capacity
  • Pocketed (Suit) – Increases carrying capacity

Best weapons for Starfield social builds

This is where we’d talk about the best weapons for a Starfield speech and social builds guide. As you can imagine, however, the whole point of a build like this is to solve any confrontations with your words — better yet, you’d use them to avoid combat altogether. Your mind is your weapon.

If you’re using a Starfield social build as part of a pacifist run, you’ll want to look for weapons that simply incapacitate targets. If your words can’t resolve a fight, sedation can. EM weapons paired with the Incapacitation skill can work wonders here. The Crippling skill can help in situations that require a more serious approach. Look out for these mods:

  • Electromagnetic Beams (energy weapons) – By having a laser weapon deal EM damage, you’ll be able to knock violent people and creatures out, avoiding any serious backlash.
  • EM-Charged Shot (Ballistic weapons) – EM shots from a powerful shotgun can incapacitate uncooperative targets at a moment’s notice.

Best powers for Starfield social builds

Using powers can turn a situation around at the push of a button. The best powers for a Starfield speech and social build are few and far between, but these are the ones you’ll certainly want to grab:

  • Precognition – Predict how best to respond in a conversation.
  • Choose Post – Force enemies to lower their weapons.

How to play the best Starfield social builds

Taking up a proper Starfield social build can mean a few different things. You’ll want to focus on talking your way through the stars, getting special access to new areas without resorting to crime, and selling what you find on your travels for a premium. The idea is to avoid conflict altogether, but you’ll also have the means to get away with actions you otherwise wouldn’t. That kind of charisma can be a powerful enabler.

Too much of an introvert to follow through a Starfield social build? Need a little more action? Not a problem. We’ve rounded up the best Starfield melee builds if you want to throw down. Also, our page on the best Starfield stealth builds can help you find a happy medium between guns blazing and taking things slow and steady.