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Final Glimpses

Final Glimpses is a mission you can find and complete in Starfield.

Final Glimpses
Given By The Emissary
Location Scorpius
XP Reward 800

Final Glimpses overview

Final Glimpses is a Starfield Main quest. Like all other Starfield missions, you can find the full details of Final Glimpses in your mission log, and you can easily find your next objective location by following the quest marker, or by entering the scanner mode and following Starfield’s breadcrumb trail.

Previous quest: Unearthed

Following quest: Entangled

Now that you’ve learned what the Unity really is, you should return to The Lodge and discuss your findings with the other members of Constellation.

You can begin Final Glimpses by interacting with The Emissary.

Final Glimpses objectives

Most Starfield missions consist of several objectives that you must complete to advance the quest. As you complete each objective, your journal will be updated with the next objective.

Specific objectives and checkpoints have not yet been confirmed for this Starfield mission.

Final Glimpses reward

Completing Final Glimpses provides the player with 800 experience.

Some quests also provide additional rewards:

This quest does not reward the player with any unique weapons, armor, or items.

No additional rewards have been confirmed.

Final Glimpses mission console commands

If you just want to start the Final Glimpses mission, all you need to do is enter the following Starfield console command to begin:

startquest 00256B02

Be warned that attempting to start a quest that requires specific triggers or hidden markers can result in game instability, so it is recommended you save your game before trying any commands. If however you are encountering a Starfield bug that prevents the mission from advancing, you might want to try the following:

resetquest 00256B02

The above command will completely reset a quest (make sure you save your game beforehand in case it causes a crash to desktop). It also has the potential to prevent that quest from ever completing, meaning you’ll need to use the completequest 00256B02 command to progress.

Final Glimpses walkthrough

If you’re struggling to complete this part of the main quest, our Starfield Final Glimpses walkthrough has your back. Just follow the steps below to complete this mission and continue your quest to find all the Artifacts.

  1. Return to The Lodge to speak with Vladimir Sall.
  2. Vlad sends you to a randomized planet to find the Artifact Omicron. Whichever planet you get, it should show up on your universal map with a waypoint marker. Head there and work your way through some enemies to pick up the Artifact.
  3. The second part of the mission sees you travel to Freya III. For this, you need a ship with a 21LY jump range, so a visit to a ship technician to pick up some ship components may be in order first.
  4. On arriving at Freya III, you need to listen to the distress signal before landing. With that, this quest is over, and it’s time to move on to Entangled.

There you have it, our Final Glimpses walkthrough. If you have any problems finding your way through, let us know via our Starfield forum.