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How to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield

If you’re trying to figure out how to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield, our guide can turn your rocket ship into a regular crafter’s paradise.

How to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield

If you’re wondering how to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield, we’ve got your back. Sure, it’s easy enough to take a trip to The Lodge and head down to the basement to use all of the Constellation equipment, but if you’re aiming for as convenient an experience as possible, that just won’t do. So, we’ve put together this guide on Starfield workbenches and how to place them onboard your ship.

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How do I add workbenches to a ship in Starfield?

First of all, to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield you need Living Quarters, a Workshop, and either an Infirmary or Science Lab habitats on-board. This is easily achievable even from the early game, with a quick trip to one of the ship technicians on New Atlantis, Cydonia, or Neon all you need to expand on your ship.

In the ship editing menu which pops up in dialogue with the ship technician, you want to make the choice to edit your ship rather than upgrade it. Upgrades deal with the technical elements, like lasers and engines, which we’re not looking at here. Instead, you need to concentrate on habitats, or habs for short, which create new modules inside your ship’s living spaces.

Screenshot of an Industrial Workbench for how to add workbench to your ship in Starfield guide

Now comes the important part. While there are a plethora of options for habs, only three of the four we mentioned earlier can offer your workbenches – those being the Infirmary, Science Lab, and Workshop. Different companies produce different kinds of these four habs, but there are some cheap options if you’re running low on credits. You can check out the three most important habs and what they offer below.

  • Science Lab – Pharmaceutical Lab and Research Lab.
  • Workshop – Industrial Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench, and Weapons Workbench.
  • Infirmary – Pharmaceutical Lab and Research Lab.

Whether you want to swap out components already built into your ship or add them is up to you, but to have all creative tools at your disposal, you at least need the Workshop and then either a Science Lab or Pharmaceutical Lab. It’s also worth saying that if you switch out your Living Quarters, you need to replace them elsewhere on your ship build to make sure you have room for companions and crew.

There you have it, our guide on how to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield. To see what materials you’re dealing with when crafting, head over to our resources database.