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The 4 best Starfield ships and how to get them for free

Guide to the best Starfield ships for battle, cargo capacity, and jump distance, and where you can find and earn them.

The 4 best Starfield ships and how to get them for free

A good Starfield ship can help you carry enough resources to start up an outpost, but the best Starfield ships offer an expansive cargo hold, enough weapons to make any pirate think twice about attacking you, and allow you to jump from one end of the universe to the other.

Best Starfield ships

From our extensive playthroughs, we’ve encountered a number of powerful ships that can easily be called the best. Whether its the most protective shields, the largest cargo hold, or a ship that can grav jump from one side of the universe to the other, here are the best ships in the Settled Systems:

Best Starfield ship overall

Received by reaching the Starfield ending and entering the Starfield New Game Plus mode, this unique ship features gravity bomb weapons, and an invisibility field when you use your engine boost. The Guardian’s jump distance is nothing to sniff at, but the one major downside to this ship is its lack of customization options. But, given the advanced nature of the technology, that’s not too surprising.

Best Starfield ship for free

The Razorleaf is a free ship you can get by completing the Mantis mission and packs an impressive punch in a fight. For an early-game ship, the Razorleaf nearly doubles the cargo capacity of the Starfield starting ship, the Frontier, and comes with a small goodie bag of armor and weapons in its cargo hold.

Best Starfield ship for battle

The Star Eagle, much like the other best ships in our list, is free! By following the Freestar Collective questline to its conclusion, you’ll be rewarded with a heavily-armed and spacious ship that can rip through Ecliptic Mercenary aggressors in seconds.

Best Starfield ship for early-game

It’s actually possible to never see this ship owing to the fact that it is a free ship gifted to you by Dad, who will only appear in-game if you took the Kid Stuff trait. The Wanderwell is an instant upgrade over the starting ship, nearly doubling your cargo capacity in one shot, and improving on every other aspect by a significant margin.

Once you’ve chosen the best Starfield ship for your playstyle, you can fly to a spaceport and equip a plethora of Starfield ship components to make it truly unique. Don’t forget to assign crew members to your ship, and take Starfield skills in the Tech tree to further boost your ship’s stats.