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1000 page Starfield compendium predicts a “horror” will attack major city

An astonishing 1000 page Starfield compendium has been compiled by a single fan, and predicts a major boss battle - Starfield’s alien Deathclaw.

1000 page Starfield compendium predicts a “horror” will attack major city

Starfield is an absolutely massive game, as our own database clearly demonstrates, but one Starfield fan has documented everything revealed about Starfield in an incredible 1000 page document, including a few details everyone missed. Our favorite discovery by far is the appearance of a Starfield boss creature.

Starfield Direct was a deep-dive showcase in June 2023 and provided a huge number of Starfield details. This event has powered a great deal of speculation as fans pored over the footage. However, Redditor Gokamo has gone one step further and typed up absolutely everything Starfield Direct and previous trailers had to offer. The Starfield Direct event alone added “over 600 new pages” to the already existing analysis.

Among the exciting discoveries, Gokamo noted that an unnamed Starfield creature – referred to as the “horror” in the 1000 page compendium – makes an appearance in what appears to be an attack on the city of New Atlantis.


This isn’t the first time we saw this particular creature. We first spotted the “horror” back in June 2022’s gameplay trailer on a whiteboard, and in a narrow corridor as it attacked the player. The whiteboard was spotted on the planet of Kreet, but it’s unclear where the corridor was located, though many Reddit fans have speculated it is related to the Kreet Research Lab.

However, with Gokamo’s keen analysis, it is highly likely that the “horror” will assault Starfield’s largest capital city. In turn, this gives us insight into possibly one of the most significant Starfield quests and boss battles.

You see, as far as Bethesda have announced, Starfield creatures are limited to a single planet – though some have questioned if you can tame animals as pets. So, to see a single “synthetic” creature on multiple planets implies that an organization hostile to the United Colonies (as it is the capital of the UC which is attacked) has artificially created this “horror”, and released it as a weapon.

Screenshot of plans to artificially create the Starfield horror.

This beast has been shown to be fast, large, and extremely hostile.

The screenshots are a bit blurry, but Gokamo states that the attack “is on New Atlantis. New Atlantis gets attacked by these things at some point, and this is right next to the landing pads.” Several structural elements, text, and sign placements have previously been seen at the New Atlantis landing areas, though they weren’t covered in as much blood or fire at that point. As such, it seems Gokamo’s theory holds water, but we have also seen this “horror” attacking what appears to be a Swarming Dragon – a creature unique to Tidacha I.

Is this “horror” a recurring boss monster? Bethesda have previously deployed Deathclaws in the Fallout series, and Dragons in Skyrim, making it very possible that this particular beastie is Starfield’s Deathclaw.

Screenshot of the Starfield horror in a dark corridor.

If you want to take it down, you’re going to need the best weapons, skills, and armor in the game, so make sure you check out our fully updated databases so you can take on the “horror”. For all the latest discoveries and Starfield tidbits, follow Starfield Db on Google News, and for any updates on where this creature might be found.