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Secure your Starfield cross save access now with these pre orders

A recently confirmed Starfield cross save feature lets you play on PC and Xbox with just one Starfield pre order.

Secure your Starfield cross save access now with these pre orders

It appears that Starfield cross save has been confirmed following the appearance of the “Xbox Play Anywhere” tag on the Starfield pre order store page, allowing you to seamlessly switch between Xbox and PC at any time while playing Starfield.

As an added bonus, the inclusion of Starfield cloud saves alongside cross save provides an additional layer of security to your Starfield experience. Should your PC fall over and die, or your Xbox decide it’s had enough of your 48 hour Starfield marathon, you can pick up where you left off on another device with no save progress lost.

Screenshot of the Starfield store page with the Starfield cross save feature.

Until recently, it was unclear if your Starfield save data would be carried over from console to PC if you secured yourself a Starfield pre order. However, the official Starfield store page has now confirmed that Starfield cross save support has been implemented, allowing you to play on one save across all your Windows or Xbox devices with ease.

All you need to do to benefit from Starfield’s cross save feature is to secure a Starfield Game Pass subscription:

Or, play Starfield on PC and Xbox with one of these Starfield pre orders:

There’s only 30 days left before the Starfield Early Access period, so make sure your computer meets the Starfield system requirements, and ensure your Starfield pre order or Game Pass subscription is in the bag.

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