Starfield Kreet

Kreet is a moon of the planet Anselon in an unknown system, hosting a research base in which the Crimson Fleet have taken an interest.

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Located in orbit above Anselon, Kreet is a desolate environment in which heavily-armored invertebrates scour the rocky wasteland for sustenance. Kreet is potentially one of the first planets the Spacefarer will visit prior to encountering an Artifact.

Kreet key info:

  • Level: Unknown
  • Type: Unknown
  • Gravity: 0.55G
  • Temperature: Unknown
  • Atmosphere: Unknown
  • Magnetosphere: Unknown
  • Fauna: None
  • Flora: Unknown
  • Water: Unknown

Kreet, a desolate moon, home to a pirate-infested research lab.

Points of interest:

  • Kreet Research Lab


  • One Small Step


Notable NPCs:

  • Currently unknown


  • Currently unknown


  • Equinox – found inside a Novice-locked weapon case at the Kreet Research Lab


  • Iron

Kreet fauna:

  • None

Kreet flora:

Nearby planets and locations:

  • Anselon

Kreet trivia:

Kreet was first revealed during the June 2022 Starfield gameplay trailer, introducing a first glimpse at Starfield’s combat, mining, surveying, and jetpack flight.

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