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Leaked Starfield screenshot shows space-age AK-47

A screenshot has surfaced on Reddit showing leaked Starfield gameplay and hinted at what a loading screen could look like.

Leaked Starfield screenshot shows space-age AK-47

A Starfield gameplay screenshot has appeared on Reddit, providing additional details about Bethesda’s upcoming epic adventure. The leak, posted by Redditor eddieomo, appears to be from the playthrough of a level 2 character using the name ‘Dustin’.

Starfield has had several leaks throughout its history, and this latest screenshot is definitely not the first. The Starfield headset and controller were accidentally spotted months ahead of Bethesda’s intended announcement at the Starfield Direct event. However, it appears that Starfield leaks are not yet over, despite the release date being less than two months away.

The screenshot that has surfaced shows a player character on Jemison, pointing what appears to be an AK-47 inspired weapon at the corpse of a UC Security NPC. The player in question, Dustin, appears to have just looted a rare piece of equipment with the O2 filter armor mod, providing a -25% oxygen consumption buff.

Additionally, the screenshot shows a tutorial tooltip at the top of the screen, informing us that you can “Fast travel directly from the missions menu” and that PC players can press the “TAB” key to access it.

Looking at the UC Security NPC’s body, armor and clothing were curiously absent. As Redditor gogonbo pointed out, there must be certain conditions in the game that need to be in place before you can loot armor and clothing. In previous Bethesda titles, any corpse could be looted for all of its weapons and armor. However, this leaked screenshot does not seem to display any clothing options. Referring to the Starfield Direct gameplay, gogonbo said “At 41:16 you can clearly see that the spacesuit is lootable.” In response, B0b_Howard theorized “I think it might be down to the level of “looting” skill that you have.”

Starfield fans are desperate for more information, and so are we! There’s less than two months to go until Starfield enters Early Access for players that have secured a premium pre order edition, and the excitement is only building. So, make sure to follow us on Google News to stay abreast of all the latest Starfield leaks and updates, or check out our newly updated locations and NPC databases.