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Starfield leaks

There have been a number of juicy Starfield leaks during development, whetting our palettes ahead of lift-off.

Starfield leaks

While Bethesda might not be keen on Starfield leaks, we’re eager to learn as much about the game as we can in advance. So, it won’t be a surprise that we’ve scoured the depths of the internet to find any exciting tidbits you might not be aware of. Just keep in mind that there might be spoilers involved, so if you’re trying to avoid them, you might be better served with one of our other Starfield guides.

If you’re looking to avoid spoilers and leaks,  check out Bethesda’s official drops in Starfield trailers and the Starfield showcase.

How can I avoid Starfield leaks?

Before we get into what we do know, here’s an opportunity for those who want to steer clear of any Starfield leaks ahead of the Starfield release date. Our advice is to avoid the Starfield Reddit, as there’s plenty of conjecture out there building up to launch. Twitter users should use the mute function on terms like ‘Starfield’, ‘Starfield leak’, ‘Starfield spoilers’, and any other terms you think might help you keep an open mind for the eventual Starfield launch.

Are there any Starfield leaks?

Oh yes, there have been a few leaks since Starfield was first announced. However, Bethesda has generally kept a tight wrap on its content, and has done so historically. Just as an example, Bethesda was so secretive about Fallout 4 that voice actor Keythe Farley didn’t know he was in Fallout 4 until just before launch. As a result, there is a good chance that many of the Starfield cast and voice actors are, even now, in the dark!

Of course, the Starfield Reddit is full of users claiming to have Starfield leaks. As we don’t have much content to go on to prove the validity of these leaks at the moment, they’re worth taking with a pinch of salt.

Starfield screenshot leak

In early July 2023, a screenshot surfaced on Imgur demonstrating a level 2 player character by the name of ‘Dustin’ looting the corpse of a UC Security NPC. This Starfield screenshot revealed several details about weapons, armor mods, and some new Starfield tooltips.

Starfield hardware accessories

In June 2023, footage of a Starfield controller and headset appeared on social media in separate posts. The Starfield controller was first seen a year prior, but was dismissed as a fanmade creation. As it was seen a year later in Xbox-branded packaging, it has been accepted by the Starfield community as an official controller.

Soon after the controller’s appearance, Twitter user @eXtas1stv posted a short video with a 360 degree view of a Starfield-themed headset. Several other unofficial sources, including the original poster for the controller, supported the headset’s authenticity, and even listed purchase prices.

Starfield space flight leak

In April 2022, ‘Hevy008’ posted comments online claiming they had worked on Starfield. These posts said that space flight would be a major part of Starfield gameplay, rather than being limited to cutscenes or cinematics. At the time, the question of whether you’d be able to pilot ships directly in Starfield was a hot topic, and the leak generated a stir among information-starved Bethesda fans.

While it wasn’t immediately clear whether these Starfield leaks were credible, outlets such as Bloomberg made efforts to verify the source of the information, seemingly identifying the individual as a former character artist for the game. Eventually, Bethesda would go on to confirm space flight gameplay in its June 2022 Starfield gameplay trailer.

Starfield UI and spaceship leak

In September 2020, Discord user “ElectricalAd8659” uploaded three images to a gaming news channel. These images appeared to be from an early build of the game, with one depicting the player standing next to an unknown structure. The alleged leak was significant for the time, with the only other available content being the short teaser trailer from Bethesda.

The other images in the set appeared to show an early build of the UI which we have since seen refined in more recent trailers, and a prototype rendering for a Starfield ship. The leak has seemingly never been verified, but official reveals two years later have shown similar content.

Starfield release date leak

Now that the Starfield release date has been officially announced, it seems that previous Starfield leaks and rumors never predicted it correctly. One purported leak was sparked by a Twitter user who spotted a June 29 release date on the GOG Galaxy site. Now that we know the Starfield release date is set for September, it seems that this one has been debunked.

Where can I find more Starfield leaks?

As we mentioned, the Starfield Reddit is probably the hottest place for Starfield leaks, with more and more content appearing as we build up to an eventual Starfield release date. Outside of Reddit, Twitter is also a hotbed for the latest gaming information, so if you’re desperate to find something, it’s worth searching the term ‘Starfield leaks’ to find the latest. There’s also the Bethesda Discord acting as an informal Starfield forum, though that’s affiliated with the project officially, so there may be less leeway for accidental reveals.

Fortunately, the Starfield showcase is set to provide us with a deep-dive into content, so we won’t have to speculate for much longer! Hopefully we’ll hear more news about pre orders, collector’s editions, and more Starfield updates.