Starfield leaks

If you’re in desperate need of some Starfield leaks to whet your palette ahead of lift-off, our guide can point you in the right direction.

While Bethesda might not be keen on Starfield leaks, we’re eager to learn as much about the game as we can in advance. So, it won’t be a surprise that we’ve scoured the depths of the internet to find any exciting tidbits you might not be aware of. Just keep in mind that there might be spoilers involved, so if you’re trying to avoid them, you might be better served with one of our other Starfield guides.

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How can I avoid Starfield leaks?

Before we get into what we do know, here’s an opportunity for those who want to steer clear of any Starfield leaks ahead of the Starfield release date. Our advice is to avoid the Starfield Reddit, as there’s plenty of conjecture out there building up to release. Twitter users should use the mute function on terms like ‘Starfield’, ‘Starfield leak’, ‘Starfield spoilers’, and any other terms you think might help you keep an open mind for the eventual Starfield launch.

Screenshot from the Starfield character customisation trailer showing a female pilot for Starfield leaks guide

Are there any Starfield leaks?

As you might expect ahead of such an anticipated release date, there are plenty of internet users out there posting supposed Starfield leaks. Still, knowing how tight a wrap Bethesda has on its content, you need to use a bit of judgement when determining whether to buy into a specific leak.

Of course, the Starfield Reddit is full of users claiming to have Starfield leaks. As we don’t have much content to go on to prove the validity of these leaks at the moment, they’re worth taking with a pinch of salt. However, it may be worth checking back after the upcoming Starfield showcase to see if any leaks match up with in-game content. If so, it’s possible that more currently unconfirmed leaks would be worth taking a second look at.

Where can I find Starfield leaks?

As we mentioned, the Starfield Reddit is probably the hottest place for Starfield leaks, with more and more content appearing as we build up to an eventual Starfield release date. Outside of Reddit, Twitter is also a hotbed for the latest gaming information, so if you’re desperate to find something, it’s worth searching the term ‘Starfield leaks’ to find the latest. There’s also the Bethesda Discord acting as an informal Starfield forum, though that’s affiliated with the project officially, so there may be less leeway for leaks.

Has the Starfield release date leaked?

Now that the Starfield release date has been officially announced, it seems that Starfield leaks and rumors didn’t quite have this one right. One purported leak was sparked by a Twitter user screenshotting a June 29 release date on the GOG Galaxy site. Now that we know the Starfield release date is set for September, it seems that this one has been debunked.

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