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Starfield hype mounts as Bethesda’s Marketing and PR team gathers

As fans eagerly countdown to Starfield Direct, Bethesda’s Marketing and PR teams gather at Bethesda Studios for Starfield talks.

Starfield hype mounts as Bethesda’s Marketing and PR team gathers

Aaron Greenburg, Vice President of Xbox Games marketing, announced on Twitter that the Xbox marketing and PR teams had gathered at Bethesda Studios for “all things [Starfield].”

With the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct due for livestream on June 11, 10am PT, Aaron’s announcement could indicate more Starfield news is on the way. The Xbox Games Showcase is set to be divided into two segments:

  • Xbox Games Showcase: a first-look into “incredibly talented internal studios, and our many creative partners around the world” with a glance at “what is coming to Xbox, PC, and Game Pass.”
  • Starfield Direct: a deep-dive into Bethesda’s upcoming epic with “tons of new gameplay, developer interviews, and behind-the-scenes insider information.”

Aaron’s arrival at Bethesda Game Studios has only added to the hype on Reddit surrounding Starfield, with Redditor Envoy_of_Todd stating, “Aaron Greenburg comin’ in hot with [a] load of marketing coal to fuel the hype train!”

Numerous users have speculated what Aaron, the marketing teams, and PR teams could be doing at Bethesda Studios, with some suggesting that Starfield’s marketing “is going to ramp up significantly” following the June Starfield showcase.

The Microsoft marketing and PR teams gather at Bethesda Studios for everything Starfield.

Thus far, Bethesda has only released three Starfield trailers: one teaser trailer, one gameplay trailer, and the launch announcement trailer. Several interviews, wallpapers, and pieces of concept art have also been released, but no information regarding a Starfield pre order, collector’s edition, or DLC have been forthcoming.

With the Microsoft marketing and PR team now at Bethesda Studios to discuss Starfield, more details regarding Starfield’s release could be on the horizon.