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Starfield preload guide

If you need a Starfield preload guide, we've got all the information on pre-installing Bethesda's upcoming space age RPG for both Xbox Series X|S and Steam.

Starfield preload guide

With the release date just around the corner, the Starfield preload process is well and truly underway for Xbox Series X|S, with not long to go for Steam players. Below, we’ve got guides on how to preload Starfield for whatever hardware you’re working with, making it that bit easier to jump into this new adventure as soon as the release date rolls around.

Once you’ve got your Starfield preload sorted, it’s time to prepare for a deep space adventure with our guides to the Starfield planets, systems, NPCs, weapons, factions, and companions. Or, if you’re looking for full immersion, there’s still time to pick up the Starfield controller and headset before the Starfield early access period begins.

Starfield preload guide for Xbox Series X|S

If you’re playing on Xbox, you can get your Starfield preload going anytime now. Of course, you need to have pre-ordered either the standard edition or Constellation Edition version of the game before you can begin. If you do have a special edition version, it’s worth preloading Starfield just so you can get out into the depths of space as soon as the early access period begins.

To get your Starfield preload sorted, all you need to do is find the game’s page on the Xbox marketplace and hit ‘pre-install’ to begin the process. Considering the size of the game, it’s probably worth putting your Starfield preload in your download queue, even if you don’t want to begin playing straight away.

Starfield preload guide for Xbox Game Pass

If you’re opting for the Starfield Game Pass experience, you can still preload the game ready to go for the upcoming release date. Providing your Game Pass subscription is paid and up to date, all you need to do is locate the standard version of Starfield on the Xbox store and hit ‘pre-install’. Just remember, if you decide to cancel your Game Pass subscription, you’ll no longer have access to Starfield without either purchasing it separately or reactivating your subscription.

Starfield preload guide for Steam

At the time of writing, we’re still a few days away from the Starfield preload date for Steam on August 30, 2023. However, if you’re reading any time after that date, the full game should now be available to pre-install via Valve’s PC software. So, if you’ve secured a pre-order copy and your PC is up to the Starfield system requirements, you can make sure your version of the game is ready to go on release day.

To pre-install the game after August 30, we’ve got a simple method. Find your way to your Steam library, and you should be able to find Starfield there. All you need to do now is hit that glorious ‘download’ button, wait a while – this is a massive game, after all – and you’re ready to go for release day.