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Starfield spacewalks are the big new thing thanks to a Reddit discovery

Social media is full of clips of Spacefarers taking Starfield spacewalks, with a simple console command as the key to exiting the ship.

Starfield spacewalks are the big new thing thanks to a Reddit discovery

While many didn’t think it was possible at first, it’s been confirmed that you can take your own Starfield spacewalk and float between the asteroids and pieces of satellite outside of a planet’s atmosphere. Sure, you might need to use a couple of Starfield console commands, but it seems pretty worth it for that chance to walk freely among the stars. Just keep an eye out for enemy ships.

First discovered by Reddit user WeirdConcern4666, Starfield’s spacewalking is just as serene as you might imagine, with your boost pack pushing you through the vacuum of space. Unfortunately, there isn’t all that much you can do when you’re outside of your ship, but we’re sure some plucky modders are going to come up with some sort of spacewalking activity before too long.

Already, some users are testing out the physics of Starfield’s spacewalking the only way they know how. Yes, we’re of course talking about milk cartons. For those who don’t know, and as we’ve already reported, some users are using foot items to push Starfield’s physics to the edge. One Reddit user, Space_Scumbag, put the two ideas together and uploaded a clip of their character careening through a bunch of floating milk cartons. Anything to keep you from completing the main quest, eh?

If you want to take yourself on a Starfield spacewalk, you can use the console command below on the PC version to leave your ship behind. Or, head over to our guide to the best Starfield mods, to find the ‘Exit Ship’ mod, and get to downloading.

  • Step back from the controls of the cockpit
  • Select the tilde key (~) to open the console commands menu
  • Type ‘player.setpos x 10’ then press the return key
  • Type ‘setgravityscale 0’ to turn on zero-g and stop yourself perpetually falling through space

There you have it, all you need to know for your very own Starfield spacewalk. If you’re more concerned with the state of your spacecraft, tune up with our Starfield ships hub, including individual guides to ship manufacturers, ship designs, and ship components.