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These senior citizens are getting hyped for Starfield

Senior citizens who saw the original Moon landing, the launch of the Sputnik satellite, and the Voyager missions just can’t wait to play Starfield.

These senior citizens are getting hyped for Starfield

When you think about the average age of prospective Starfield players, you might think they’d be on the younger side. However, senior citizens are proving they are just as excited for Starfield, as they share memories of important space-exploration milestones on Starfield’s Reddit page.

Starfield is an epic space-faring adventure set long after humanity’s flight from the planet Earth. The game’s developer has sprinkled a number of Starfield easter eggs throughout various trailers and gameplay that reference real-world space-flight history.

The original Reddit poster, jpcox3981, introduced themselves as 71 years old, wondering how many other gamers their age were looking forward to Starfield. Starfield has reminded them of moments in their childhood when space-exploration milestones were achieved. “I was 5 when Sputnik launched” though jpcox3981 confessed they didn’t remember much of it. But, they did remember listening to “Alan Shepard’s first US manned flight.”

Jpcox3981’s post prompted a flurry of responses from similarly aged gamers expressing their enthusiasm for Starfield. As Jaded-Ad-7751 put it, “I always looked up to the stars wondering when I’ll be able to go. In 2 months!”

Others recalled their favorite moments in space exploration history, such as JFK’s famous speech on taking astronauts to the Moon. Hopefully, there is a corresponding easter egg for each milestone somewhere in Starfield, some of which we have already seen.

The Curiosity Rover was spotted on display at the Constellation Headquarters on the planet Jemison. The name of that planet also just happens to be a likely reference to the famed NASA Astronaut Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space. Similarly, other planets in the system are named after other famous astronauts: Olivas, Gagarin, Chawla.

The Reddit post has since been flooded with support from gamers of all ages and generations, all excited about Starfield’s upcoming release, just like EntertainmentTight86 “I’m 27 but my mom is 58 and she is as hyped as I am to Starfield’s release.”

Many in the thread have already pre ordered Starfield or subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass, with one or two already having Starfield controllers ahead of Starfield’s September release.

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