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Official Starfield Xbox skins announced, but only for Series X

Xbox have unveiled official Xbox wraps, including a Starfield-themed skin, but only for specific Xbox models.

Official Starfield Xbox skins announced, but only for Series X

With only a few weeks left to go before the Starfield Early Access period gets into full-swing, it seems we haven’t seen the last of Microsoft’s Starfield merchandise. You may have already snagged yourself a Starfield headset or Starfield controller, but there’s now one more item to add to your list: an official Starfield Xbox skin. The only catch? It won’t fit on every Xbox console.

With the Constellation color scheme proving popular with fans, many have taken to creating their own unofficial Starfield skins in the past. However, with an announcement from Xbox Senior Design Director Monique Chatterjee, an official Starfield Xbox wrap is now available to pre order.

The official Starfield Xbox skin will only fit Xbox Series X consoles, and is due to ship in the US, Canada, and Europe from October 18, 2023. The official skin boasts an internal fabric with a “silicone gravity wave print for cling and stability.” The wrap is held into place around your Xbox Series X with a hook and loop enclosure, rather than using an adhesive which could prove difficult to remove should you want to change your Xbox skin in the future.

The color scheme and design choices make the official Starfield Xbox wrap look at home aboard a Starfield ship, making the wrap a perfect accompaniment to your Starfield headset and Starfield controller.

The official Starfield wrap is an exciting addition to any collection, but also welcome news to many Xbox owners. With additional skins becoming available on the Microsoft store alongside the Starfield-inspired wrap, Xbox Series X owners will have official customization options for their consoles without having to buy limited-edition consoles.

If the Starfield skin isn’t for you, or you have the Xbox Series S, you may be more interested in checking out our newly updated Starfield skills, weapons, and NPC databases. To ensure you don’t miss any announcements, including any future Xbox goodies, follow Starfield Db on Google News.