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Without these guns, the Starfield Ashta will have you for dinner

Among the more fearsome creatures in the game, the Starfield Ashta is a heavily armored monster you can only take down with the best weapons.

Without these guns, the Starfield Ashta will have you for dinner

The official Starfield Twitter account has confirmed the Starfield Ashta’s physical and imposing appearance. For some time, we’ve known that the Freestar Collective capital, Akila City, is under such regular and heavy attacks that enormous walls were erected around the settlement. Now that we’ve seen a confirmed screenshot of the Ashta, we can see why, and suggest you grab these weapons to take the Ashta down.

Looking like a wingless dragon about three times the size of a crocodile, the Ashta is a Starfield creature covered in tough, rock-like scales that will easily deflect smaller sidearms like the EON. The Ashta also sports a massive jaw lined with canines, and appears to hunt in packs from what we’ve seen of the Starfield tweet.

Screenshot of the Starfield Ashta originally tweeted by the official Starfield Twitter account.

If you want to eliminate the Ashta, you’re going to need some heavy-duty Starfield weapons and armor, so we’ve gathered our recommendations on the equipment you’ll need.

Best Starfield heavy weapons

Going the nuclear option with rapid-fire or explosive weaponry might be your best option if you encounter a whole pack of Ashta.

Best Starfield laser weapons

The Ashta’s natural armor looks well suited to deflecting ballistic weaponry, but we’re betting that energy weapons will bore a hole straight through them.

The Starfield Ashta Tamer

The Freestar Collective have created a rifle designed specially for dealing with the menacing Ashta: The Ashta Tamer. This lever-action gun could be your best bet at surviving an Ashta encounter, but you might want to pack some extra grenades or mines just in case. You can never be too careful!

We also advise taking a companion along for the ride for some extra firepower or, at the very least, someone to bury you if things go south.

To make sure you survive an encounter with the Ashta, make sure to check out our Starfield skills database so you can get started on your Starfield build. Follow Starfield Db on Google News for all the best tips and tricks to beating Starfield, and survive the hostility of the Settled Systems.