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More Starfield merch revealed at Quake Con, and you can sit on it

A Limited Edition Starfield chair has been unveiled at Quake Con, and buying it might just break your wallet.

More Starfield merch revealed at Quake Con, and you can sit on it

Starfield appears to have garnered more high-quality merch than any previous Bethesda title. A custom Starfield controller, headset, and even a Starfield watch are already up for grabs, and that’s not even considering the huge range of Starfield merchandise to add on top. However, Quake Con showed us that there’s yet another thing to salivate over: a Starfield chair.

Noblechairs is a premium gaming chair designing company who have released numerous Bethesda-themed seats in the past. It was almost certain that Starfield would get a dedicated chair of its own, and we finally caught sight of it during the 2023 Quake Con event.

Screenshot of the Noblechairs Starfield chair advertisement.

This Limited Edition Starfield chair sports the Constellation color scheme and numerous Starfield callbacks on a synthetic leather skin. It appears to be based on the “LEGEND” Gaming Chair series found on the Noblechairs website, which gives us an idea as to price.

At present, the Icon Fallout Nuka-Cola Quantum Edition gaming chair retails for $599.00 with free shipping. So, while the official price for the Starfield gaming chair has not yet been confirmed, it is likely to set you back around $600.

While the Starfield chair isn’t nearly as expensive as the Starfield AMD graphics card bundles which can go as high as $1269.99, major Starfield fans have probably already spent hundreds of dollars on the Starfield Constellation Edition, official merch, and making sure their PC is compatible with the Starfield system requirements. But… if you happen to need a gaming chair, $600 could be considered an investment, and not just another Starfield collectible you’re trying to justify purchasing.

Unfortunately, the Starfield chair isn’t available to order just yet, but we’ll be back to update this page as soon as it’s advertised. If you want to get your hands on one, make sure to follow Starfield Db on Google News so you know the second the Starfield chair becomes available.

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