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One hype-crazy Starfield fan loaded himself up with Starfield merch

In the build-up to launch, one dedicated Redditor has collected as much Starfield merch as he could get his hands on.

One hype-crazy Starfield fan loaded himself up with Starfield merch

The hype building around Starfield is reaching fever-pitch among Starfield fans, with several community members creating custom ships in Blender or out of Lego, or bedecking themselves in Starfield merch just like Redditor Knightsoftheville. Knightsoftheville was so enthusiastic in their post that we just had to get in touch with him.

Sporting the Constellation jacket, shirt, and the Starfield stitch-on patches, Redditor Knightsoftheville is just about ready for lift-off in September.

“This 50 plus year old dude just requested a week’s vacation around early release to get this started! Constellation edition, limited edition headset and controller, t-shirt, patches, the official Bethesda astronaut jacket…! Hurry up and launch me!”

Screenshot of Redditor Knightsoftheville in full merch mode.

Among their collection, the one thing Knightsoftheville is most excited about is the Starfield watch. “When I open that limited edition Constellation set, I know the Chronomark watch will be my favorite along with the jacket! I’m going to go nuts playing in full gear and pretending my couch/chair are the spaceship.”

He’s already planning how long he’s going to spend in the Starfield character creator just getting his Spacefarer the way he wants: “I mean surely anywhere between 3-5 hours is where I might land all said and done. After that I’ll be ready to explore new life and boldly go where no one else has gone before…”

Only one item of Starfield merchandise eludes Knightsoftheville’s collection: the Vasco statue. A mere 800 statues exist in the world, and they were all snapped up in the blink of an eye. Nevertheless, we hope this Starfield collectible finds its way to Knightsoftheville eventually. We have our fingers crossed that one will pop up in an auction somewhere. Otherwise, Bethesda, can you stretch to 801 statues for Knightsoftheville? Please?

Screenshot of Bethesda's Starfield Explorer's Bundle - Collector's Edition.

With only a little over a month left until the September 1 Starfield Early Access, time is running out for fans to get their hands on the Constellation Edition of the game. Stocks are running low, with some Walmart shoppers facing cancellation confusion and stock concerns. If you haven’t secured your copy of Starfield yet, make sure you check out our guide for the best Starfield pre order deals and prices, and follow Starfield Db on Google News for all the latest updates.