Starfield Research Laboratory

Check in with your Starfield Research Laboratory between exploring and making friends if you want all the latest and greatest tech.

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Your Starfield Research Laboratory will allow you to passively develop new tech and mods for your weaponry, settlements, ship, and more. It looks like you can have a Research Laboratory on either your ship or in an outpost structure, and each project will complete over the course of many hours rather than instantly.

Completing these research projects will reward you with new modifications for your Starfield weapons, improvements for your Starfield outpost, pharmacology advancements, new food and drink, and equipment upgrades. We’ve only seen a glimpse of the menu in action, but here are all the details on how the Research Laboratory will work.

Research project categories

There are five categories of research projects: pharmacology, food and drink, outpost development, equipment, and weaponry.

Pharmacology appears to cover healing, meds, and performance-enhancing drugs. The food and drink category is self-explanatory. Outpost development covers both the types of modules and structures you can craft, but also how efficiently parts of your outpost run. The equipment section seems to be for your armor and gear, while weaponry is for weapon-specific mods and improvements.

Within each category, you can see how many research projects are available to choose from, but it’s not clear whether you will unlock additional projects as you explore the Settled Systems. Thus far, we have seen available 19 projects for weaponry, 15 for outpost development, 16 for food and drink, 12 for pharmacology, and 6 for equipment.

While you can run multiple research projects simultaneously, certain projects will require you to complete previous projects in the same category before being available to you.

Starfield Research Laboratory: an outpost worker at a station

All research projects

Here are all of the research projects revealed so far:


  • Medical Treatment 1
  • Performance Enhancement 1
  • Performance Enhancement 2

Outpost Development:

  • Resource Extraction 1


  • Helmet Mods 1


  • Barrel Mods 1 – Iron x 20, Nickel x 20, and Sealant x 10
  • Barrel Mods 2
  • Grip Mods 1
  • Grip Mods 2
  • Grip Mods 3
  • Optics and Sights Mods 1
  • Optics and Sights Mods 2
  • Optics and Sights Mods 3
  • Muzzle Mods 1
  • Muzzle Mods 2

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