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Starfield marriage

Have you found your soulmate in Starfield? Here’s how you pop the Starfield marriage question to your love interest.

Starfield marriage

Among the many Starfield NPCs in the Settled Systems, only four can be taken as your spouse in a Starfield marriage ceremony if you progress the Starfield romance options far enough. Here’s everything you need to know about getting your own Starfield husband or wife.

Who can you marry?

The four Starfield marriage options are: 

Of course, you can’t pop the question to any of them until you’ve built up some positive affinity. You can do this by exploring the universe with them and performing actions that align with that character’s core values. For example, Sarah Morgan values goodwill, justice, and exploration above all others. Andreja is a bit more accepting of questionable moral decisions, but only to a point.

If you find yourself struggling to build affinity, consider taking the Leadership skill to boost how quickly you can build affinity.

Starfield marriage guide

Once you’ve built your affinity with your chosen love interest, you’ll be given the option to take your relationship to the next level with the relevant Starfield mission:

  • Commitment: Andreja
  • Commitment: Barrett
  • Commitment: Sam Coe
  • Commitment: Sarah Morgan

Each commitment mission will involve several small tasks centered around getting married. In Sarah’s case, you have the option of inviting her mother along. Upon completing the commitment quest, you will officially be married!

Starfield marriage bonuses

Getting married in Starfield comes with several perks. For one, sleeping with your spouse will give you a special “Well-Rested” boost, which increases your XP gains for an extended period of time.

Just to clarify, there is no sex in Starfield, as the ESRB rating originally revealed in the build-up to Starfield’s launch.

Starfield divorce

Not every relationship has to be permanent in Starfield, and you might want to romance multiple NPCs. If you want to escape, you could complete the Starfield main quest and enter the New Game Plus, thus leaving your partner behind, but it might be simpler to request a divorce directly.

Asking for a divorce can be done at any time by simply speaking to the NPC and questioning how your relationship is doing. Here, you have the option to break off the relationship.

It is important to note that you won’t be able to re-marry any NPCs you divorce, and they will be angry with you for a short period of time. Once they are no longer angry, they will return to being allies, freeing you up to pursue other romantic interests.

Have you got married in Starfield? Tell us who your favorite partner is over in the Starfield forum.