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Starfield screenshots

In Starfield, you're going to capture some beautiful snapshots in a good Starfield screenshot, so we gathered our favorites in HD and 4K.

Starfield screenshots

With all the wonderful biomes, planets, and creatures out there in the Settled Systems, you’re going to want to snap a few Starfield screenshots to immortalize the moment. You can do this by opening the Photo Mode tool from the scanner view, via a keyboard shortcut, or via the Xbox overlay.

So, in the spirit of things, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites and uploaded them in glorious 4K, just in case you want to use them as a wallpaper or desktop background.

Starfield Direct screenshots

The Starfield Direct showcase not only demonstrated a ton of Starfield gameplay mechanics, but it also gave us a mountain of screenshots to salivate over.

Screenshot of a crashed Starfield ship.

Screenshot of Starfield creatures.

Starfield screenshot of New Atlantis and a creature.

Starfield outpost screenshots

You’ll be spending a lot of time at your outposts, so choosing the right location for some truly great screenshots is worth the effort.

Starfield screenshot of an outpost.

Starfield screenshot of a moon base.

Starfield city screenshots

Each of Starfield’s four major cities has a unique character and flair to it, and they make for some great photo opportunities.

Starfield screenshot of New Atlantis.

Starfield screenshot of Cydonia.

Screenshot of the streets of Neon.

Screenshot of Akila City at night.

Starfield ship screenshots

Your Starfield ship is more than a mere vehicle. It’s a house on rockets with a modular design which you can crew and fully customize.

Screenshot of a Starfield landing gear touching down.

Screenshot of a Starfield ship landing.

How to take your own Starfield screenshots

Prior to the release of Starfield, we can only assume that the Starfield Photo Mode will save any images captured to your local pictures folder or a dedicated Starfield images folder if you’re on PC. For Xbox players, it should save it to your Microsoft account much like other Xbox Overlay captures.

Once we have confirmation, we’ll be back to update this guide.