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Starfield wallpapers

Discover a huge selection of free Starfield wallpapers, including art for your iPhone or Android phone, as well as 4K game wallpapers.

Starfield wallpapers

If you’re looking for a free Starfield wallpaper for your desktop background, look no further. We’ve gathered all the best Starfield wallpapers – including Starfield 4K game wallpapers – and laid them out below. We’ve even created a few from the numerous Starfield trailers on offer and found the best pieces of concept art you can use as a Starfield background.

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A Journey Through Space – Starfield wallpaper

The official Starfield wallpaper: The Journey Through Space.

The classic Starfield front cover, as first seen in the concept art for Starfield, features the Spacefarer, Vasco, and a ship speeding away from an unknown planetary structure. You can find additional download sizes for this Starfield wallpaper on the official Bethesda website – perfect if you’re looking for a Starfield 4K game wallpaper.

A Planetary Vista – Starfield wallpaper

A Starfield wallpaper showing two planets

Starfield’s vast universe is full of beauty and wonder both in space and on the ground. This Starfield wallpaper is available in 1920×1080.

The Eye – Starfield wallpaper

A 1920x1080 Starfield wallpaper showing the portal from the launch date announcement trailer

First seen in the launch date announcement trailer, the above portal could be the gate to a new world following the gathering of the Artifacts, or a good desktop background.

A 1920x1080 Starfield wallpaper of the mysterious "Eye" mentioned in the launch date announcement trailer

“The Eye” is among the more mysterious elements in Starfield. This wallpaper is available in 1920×1080.

First Steps – Starfield wallpaper

The official Starfield wallpaper: First Steps.

This official Starfield wallpaper features the first Starfield ship type ever seen – the Frontier – settling on a desert planet with a city complex in the far distance. You can find this free Starfield wallpaper on the official Bethesda website. As well as 4K desktop wallpaper downloads, you’ll also find Starfield iPhone wallpapers and Starfield Android wallpapers available to download.

Concept art – Starfield wallpapers

If all those Starfield wallpapers aren’t enough, check out some of the options below from the official Starfield concept art courtesy of Bethesda. The first of three options displays a transport unit on a frozen planet, with plenty of stars on show in the clear night sky.

Starfield wallpaper of a frozen planet with snowy mountains and a star filled sky

Next up is a very different kind of Starfield wallpaper, showing two ships floating through a crimson-colored galaxy.

Starfield wallpaper concept art of two ships flying through a galaxy with a red hue

Finally, the last of our Starfield wallpapers displays an astronaut exploring a planet with many craters and what looks like some enemy creatures off in the distance.

A Starfield concept art wallpaper with an astronaut looking ahead to alien creatures on a strange planet