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Starfield Switch

Is Starfield coming to Nintendo consoles in the near future, and when might we see a Starfield Switch version?

Starfield Switch

With Starfield’s popularity soaring, some are wondering if a Starfield Switch version will be available sometime after the Starfield release date. Despite a Starfield PS5 version looking beyond uncertain, we’ve gathered everything we could find to see if Starfield will indeed be coming to the Nintendo switch when Starfield’s PC and Xbox exclusivity seems all but certain.

Starfield Switch version

At present, Starfield is exclusively releasing in September with Starfield PC and Starfield Xbox editions, which you can pick up easily with a Starfield pre order or on Game Pass.

The Starfield system requirements are quite demanding, which might make a Starfield Switch port unlikely. However, if Starfield does make its way onto the Steam Deck, there is a chance Nintendo will see Starfield in the not-too-distant future.

Is Starfield available on the switch?

As of the time of writing, Bethesda have not announced any plans to port Starfield to the Nintendo Switch.

When Starfield releases in September 2023 during the Starfield Early Access period, there is a chance that the game’s popularity inspires Microsoft to consider a port. However, given that Microsoft were quoted at an FTC hearing that they acquired Starfield as an Xbox and PC exclusive title, the chances of Nintendo seeing Starfield on their consoles is slim to none.

At the very least, we don’t expect to see Starfield on the Switch until 2024 or later.

So, for now, you’ll need to pick up a Game Pass subscription or pre order Starfield to experience Bethesda’s upcoming epic. If you’re not sure whether to buy Starfield or subscribe to Game Pass, check out our Starfield buyer’s guide.