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Vasco looks pretty in pink with the Starfield Hello Kitty mod

This Starfield Hello Kitty mod gives Vasco a new lick of paint while also adorning the helpful robot with the classic Sanrio character.

Vasco looks pretty in pink with the Starfield Hello Kitty mod

We’ve seen some impressive Starfield mods so far, with enhancements for gameplay, UI, and performance all already available to improve your experience. What we weren’t expecting was a Starfield Hello Kitty mod, replacing Vasco’s usual paint job with pastel pinks, bright whites, and a sticker of the little kitty herself.

While the Hello Kity mod from Kalignost might not be great for scaring off Spacers, it does offer something a little different from Vasco’s standard Constellation design. Even if there isn’t any additional utility to giving Vasco this makeover, it’s hard to deny that the robot’s passive-aggressive voice lines sound a little funnier from something that looks like it belongs more in a children’s theme park than it does hunting down Artifacts on Tau Ceti VIII.

Vasco mods seem to be one of the more popular formats on Nexus Mods right now, with plenty arriving in the first couple of weeks of launch. Last week we reported on a Thomas the Tank engine mod, paying homage to the tradition of modding the friendly train into Bethesda games, but there are plenty of other variants available on Nexus Mods. My personal favorite is the bold gold redesign, but you can pick your favorites by browsing through the modding platform.

Screenshot image of a side profile of the Starfield Hello Kitty mod for Vasco

Still, if you want to leave Vasco as he is, there is another way to bring a touch of Hello Kitty to Starfield. Another modder, realadry, has created a Hello Kitty mod for the Cutter, so you can mine resources on foreign planets with a touch of pink. Again, there’s no added utility, but it does make one of your most-used devices a little easier to look at. Or, you can hand it over to Heller, and see if he’s secretly a big Sanrio fan.

There you have it, all you need to know about the Starfield Hello Kitty mod giving Vasco a distinctly different look. To add a new coat of your paint to match with the robot, check out our Starfield ships hub, or our individual guide to ship components, ship designs, and ship manufacturers.