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New Starfield timeline hints at major story beats

The Starfield timeline covers almost 300 years of history, and provides multiple hints as to what to expect from Starfield's story.

New Starfield timeline hints at major story beats

Bethesda has just revealed a new Starfield timeline that sheds new light on a host of events in the history of the game’s universe. From the founding of the United Colonies to the beginning of the galaxy-changing conflict known as the Colony War, this timeline covers almost 300 years and gives us our best look yet at the events that shape Starfield’s narrative.

The timeline begins in 2050, with the arrival of humanity on Mars. By 2100 humans are already living in space, and by 2159 the United Colonies are established. In other words, some of the key Starfield factions have already been around for centuries by the time you begin the game’s main quest.

Key events in the Starfield timeline include:

2159 – The United Colonies are established.

2160 – New Atlantis is founded and soon becomes the United Colonies’ capital city.

2167 – Akila City is founded by Solomon Coe.

2189 – The Freestar Collective is founded by Coe and Volii.

2196 – The Narion War between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective begins. It drags on until 2216, when the Treaty of Narion is signed.

2275 – Constellation is founded by Sebastian Banks, with The Lodge serving as its headquarters in New Atlantis.

2305 – Barrett joins Constellation.

2307The Colony War begins.

2310 – Constellation comes into possession of their first Artifact.

2311 – The Colony War ends.

2325 – Former head of the short-lived UC Navigator Corps division Sarah Morgan becomes acting Chair of Constellation.

2328 – Barret convinces Constellation to purchase the spacestation that will become known as ‘The Eye‘.

The Starfield timeline also makes clear which factions were the aggressors in key historical conflicts. In 2194, for example, it’s the United Colonies that positions a star station in orbit around Narion. The people of the system see this as an attempt by the UC to expand into their territory, and only votes to join the Freestar Collective when the UC refuses to reposition their vessel. The UC moved a fleet into the Narion system and the Narion War begins. In other words: the United Colonies look like the baddies in this conflict…

Similarly, the United Colonies are implicated in the outset of the Colony War. Bethesda’s timeline tells us that diplomatic talks regarding a minor farming dispute between UC and Freestar break down in 2307. The UC then lays siege to the planet of Vesta, killing any defenders.

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