Starfield fan designs a unique Starfield Pip-Boy

This Starfield fan has created a Starfield-themed Pip-Boy in an “unofficial” tribute to Bethesda’s upcoming epic.

Starfield fan designs a unique Starfield Pip-Boy

Most Spacefarers are set to launch for the Starfield Early Access period with a trusty Starfield watch strapped to their wrist. However, those watches aren’t due to ship for a few weeks, and one Starfield fan couldn’t stand the wait. Their solution? They went and made a Starfield Pip-Boy, using the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy computer as inspiration.

When the Fallout 4 collector’s edition launched back in 2016, gamers were treated to a real-world replica of the Fallout Pip-Boy computer – a wrist-mounted watch which connected to your Fallout 4 game. It was a fairly bulky thing to slap onto your wrist for a gaming session, but its interactive elements more than made up for it.

Inspired by the Pip-Boy and the interminable wait until the Starfield release date, YouTuber Mrs.Fallout decided to create their own Constellation-themed Pip-Boy.

As you can see above, Mrs.Fallout’s Pip-Boy features the sleek white design favored by the Constellation faction, and also includes several Constellation logos, stripes, and gives a nod to the Starfield controller and Starfield headset with the ‘Property of Constellation’ sticker.

While you can’t get your hands on this awesome Starfield Pip-Boy, you can still get your hands on a Starfield watch with a Starfield Constellation Edition pre order. But be warned: the Starfield collector’s edition runs out of stock very quickly and has only recently been restocked, so make sure you secure yours while you can.

If you’re excited for Starfield, you can also get loads of Starfield merchandise to flesh out your Starfield collection in the run-up to launch, or check out our fully updated Starfield skills, weapons, and armor databases.

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