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Starfield walkthrough

Our Starfield walkthrough has plenty of useful information going into this exciting new Bethesda RPG, so you can get straight into exploring space.

Starfield walkthrough

If you’re looking for a Starfield walkthrough, you’re in the right place. In preparation for the countless astronauts about to jet off into a new RPG adventure, we’ve put together some of our guides covering topics from planets, to weapons, to almost everything in between. All you need to do is strap in and get ready for blastoff.

If you really want to immerse yourself in this space exploration, it’s worth checking out the Starfield headset and controller. We’ve also checked out all the Starfield legendary weapon effects, legendary armor effects, unique weapons, and unique armor, so you can find something suitable for space combat early in your playthrough.

Starfield walkthroughs for main and side missions

We’ve been questing as much as we can to deliver Starfield walkthroughs for each of the main missions and side missions through the sprawling campaign. You can check out which missions we’ve covered in the bullet points below.

Starfield walkthrough for the main quest

Starfield side quest walkthroughs

Starfield quests and missions

Starfield player character

Starfield people and places

Each of the bullet points below links out to a database full of information on that subject outside of our Starfield walkthrough. For instance, you can click our Starfield companions guide and find every available follower we know about so far.

Starfield enemies and combat

Starfield space flight and transport

Starfield mods

Starfield technical information and more

We’ll continue to update our Starfield walkthrough as we get more information during the Early Access period and into the full launch. So, be sure to bookmark this page and check back for all the latest information.