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Starfield mod restores some truly eye catching cut content

Starfield is full of cut content, but modders are restoring them, including landmarks otherwise lost to the sands of Earth and Mars.

Starfield mod restores some truly eye catching cut content

As many creators of Starfield mods are discovering, there’s a lot of unused assets and cut content buried in the game’s files. Not only have entire settlements, questlines, and even the ability to swim been cut from the game, but seemingly complete elements have also made it to the cutting room floor. Why is a mystery, but modders are determined to bring this Starfield cut content back to life, starting with famous landmarks on Earth and Mars.

For those who aren’t aware, landmarks are locations on Earth, Luna, and Mars which contain the elusive Starfield snow globes. Collecting every snow globe rewards you with a unique armor set. Visiting these restored locations will give you a great place to use the Starfield photo mode, and even reward you with a snow globe, though they won’t contribute towards unlocking the Old Earth Spacesuit.

Unearthed by modder ConnerRia, you can now visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and the actual Face On Mars which were previously cut from the game. ConnerRia has conveniently made the items which mark these landmarks on your Starfield map available at Sinclair’s Books in Akila City.

Screenshot of the Starfield Leaning Tower of Pisa as captured and restored by modder ConnerRia.

Adding a total of five locations, ConnerRia’s New Landmark Quests – Cut Content Restored mod also enables players to visit the NASA Launch Facility, the NOVA Galactic Research Station, and the Opportunity Rover without advancing the main quest.

Mods that restore cut content could drastically expand the scope of Starfield, which appears to have been reduced prior to launch. As Redditor npcompl33t compiled, cut or changed content may have included:

  • A possible Constellation settlement in Delta Pavonis which was likely scrapped or converted into The Lodge on Jemison.
  • The legendary home of the House Va’ruun, Va’ruun’kai, may have existed in the Serpentis system, but has since been renamed to Serpentis IV.
  • Asteroid belts may have been a visitable destination around numerous planets, though they do not exist in the launch version of Starfield.
  • Weather effects such as “Permanent Hurricane” and “Hallucinogenic Atmosphere” are no longer present on their listed planets.
  • At least five named Starfield flora were removed from the game, along with swimming.

With the Creation Kit 2 launching in January 2024, there’s every chance that more cut content like the landmarks restored by ConnerRia will soon be in our hands. Alternatively, Bethesda may be planning to restore or expand on this otherwise cut content in future Starfield DLC.

Only time will tell if this content sees the light of day again. So, until then, follow Starfield Db on Google News to never miss the latest story, or head over to the Starfield forum and let us know what you want to see restored to Starfield the most.