Starfield Snow Globes

If you're trying to track down all the Starfield Snow Globes to put them on display in the Frontier, our guide has your back.

There are plenty of things to keep your eyes open for as you scour the Settled Systems, including Starfield Snow Globes. These quaint decorations are reminders of mankind’s expeditions into space, with models depicting some of our first forays into the great beyond. So, join us as we set out to collect them all and bring a touch of class by proudly putting them on display somewhere fitting in the Frontier.

Starfield snowglobes are just one of the many mechanics Bethesda has carried over into its latest game from Fallout 4, as well as legendary weapon effects, legendary armor effects, unique weapons, and unique armor. Or, if you’re still trying to make sense of things at the beginning of your journey, check out our Starfield beginner tips to get off to a solid start.

What are Starfield Snow Globes?

Starfield Snow Globes are special in-game collectibles you can find littered throughout planets and places that delve deeper into the history of mankind and space travel. It seems that they tell the story of NASA’s first voyage into space all the way through until more recent developments before the beginning of the main quest. We say it seems that way, as we’re still tracking down all the individual Snow Globes littered throughout the many planets and systems. We also still don’t know what you get for a full collection of Starfield Snow Globes, but as soon as we do we’ll be back to update this guide.

Where do I find all the Starfield Snow Globes?

We’re still tracking down all the Starfield Snow Globes, but for those we have found, you can check out what they are and where to find them below.

  • Apollo Snow Globe – Before finding this one, you first need to read Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal in Matteo’s room at The Lodge In New Atlantis. Then, you can find Apollo Snow Globe at the new Apollo 11 landmark landing spot on Luna, Earth’s moon in the Sol system. Find the remnants of the Apollo, and boost up on top of the thing to grab the Snow Globe.
  • London Snow Globe – Before you pick up this entry on our list of Starfield Snow Globes, you need to find and read a copy of Oliver Twist somewhere in the game or from Sinclair’s Books in Akila City. Once you’ve read Oliver Twist, you can find a new London Landmark on Earth. Once in London, head to the base of the Shard – one of the few buildings left on Earth, and search through the rock piles to find the London Snow Globe.

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