Starfield wiki

If you’re looking for a Starfield wiki, we’ve got everything you could need to know about Bethesda’s upcoming galactic adventure in one place.

With Bethesda’s first original IP in over 25 years barreling towards release, plenty of you are looking for a Starfield wiki to read up on this rocket ship adventure before it arrives. So, we’ve put together this page as a hub to guide you as you prepare for Bethesda to set the boosters to engage.

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What is a Starfield wiki?

If you’re not familiar with the latest terminology, you might not even know what a Starfield wiki is. Thanks to Wikipedia, the word wiki has evolved to essentially just mean encyclopedia. So, when we say Starfield wiki, what we really mean is a Starfield encyclopedia.

As a site dedicated to the game, this site functions as a Starfield wiki. We’ve got plenty of links for you to find out more about the game, including details on the Starfield map and the possibilities of Starfield multiplayer, as well as guides on Starfield factions, Starfield creatures, Starfield ship types, Starfield skills, and plenty more. If there’s something you want to find out in particular, try and search for it in the search bar at the top of the page.

If it’s locations you’re trying to get to grips with, we’ve got guides to the Starfield planets and Starfield cities. We’ve also got a page dedicated to Starfield aliens and whether you can expect to meet them out in the depths of space.

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What do I use a Starfield wiki for?

You can use a Starfield wiki like ours to check in-game information. For instance, our Starfield weapons guide can give you details on damage output, while our Starfield system requirements guide lets you know if you can install and run the game on your hardware. Essentially, a Starfield wiki is here to answer any questions you have about the game.

Starfield Db is your complete guide to Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, offering a comprehensive database of locations, weapons, factions, and more.