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Starfield wiki

Our Starfield wiki is dedicated to cataloging everything in Starfield, including ships and weapons, and creating interactive maps and more.

Starfield wiki

Welcome to Starfield Db, a comprehensive Starfield wiki that aims to capture everything about Starfield in one convenient location. We’ve been busy setting up individual databases, guides, and walkthroughs to cover every element of Starfield that you could possibly need. Our databases will help you through every aspect of Starfield, and provide some interactive tools like our Starfield maps to help you navigate the sheer breadth of the Settled Systems.

To get you started and racing off into the depths of space, we’ve got databases for all the Starfield locations, planets, and systems. There’s also our Starfield ships hub, where you can find out more about the various ship components and see some of our favorite ship designs.

Looking for some company or love in your travels? Check out out the full list of Starfield companions, and Starfield romance options.

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If you’ve already secured your copy of Starfield, you might be interested in our Starfield guides:

NPCs and player character guides:

Weapon and equipment guides:

Missions and mechanics guides:

If there’s something you want to find in particular, try and search for it in the search bar at the top of the page.

One of the most frustrating elements of Starfield is the in-game maps, so we’ve got a bunch of interactive Starfield maps for important locations in the game such as Akila City, New Atlantis, Neon, Cydonia, and more.

Explore Starfield wiki

For a full list of everything our Starfield wiki has to offer, head on over to our homepage where you can find our full list of interactive Starfield tools, guides, and more.

Everything from our wiki database of weapons and armor, locations, quests, and our more speculative explorations into multiplayer and DLC is designed to help you get the most out of Starfield. There’s also our Starfield walkthrough page, with links to guides for the main quest and side quest missions.

What do I use a Starfield wiki for?

You can use a Starfield wiki like ours to check in-game information. For instance, our Starfield weapons guide can give you details on damage output, while our Starfield system requirements guide lets you know if you can install and run the game on your hardware.

If you’re interested in the history of the game, you’ll find it documented in our updates page, including the leaks and rumors leading up to Starfield’s launch. We’ve also got a page listing all the Starfield bugs we’ve found so far.

We also have a dedicated page for console commands and cheats if you’re looking to skip the grind or fix a bug.

If you still have some Starfield questions, be sure to head over to our Starfield forum to see if you can find some solutions.