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Starfield timeline

A lot has happened in the history of Starfield, so we've put together a Starfield timeline of events and historical moments.

Starfield timeline

Starfield’s timeline spans hundreds of years, beginning all the way back when the Starfield Earth was inhabited, to when humanity fled to the stars, and leading up to 2330 AD – the beginning of Starfield’s campaign.

So, we’ve collected all of the historical events in Starfield’s history into a simple timeline.

Starfield’s 21st century

The fate of the Earth, and mankind’s impetus to leave it were not detailed in the Starfield timeline released by Bethesda’s Developer Q&A, but it implies that the Earth deteriorated rapidly within less than a century.

2050 AD

Humans first arrive on Mars. By 2100, humans are living in space.

Starfield’s 22nd century

Following humanity’s forays into space, it seems that the Earth was abandoned entirely by this point, with a shuttle taking its first passengers beyond the Sol system at the beginning of the 22nd century, or just before.

2156 AD

Humans arrive in Alpha Centauri (4.37 light years away from Earth).

2159 AD

The United Colonies are established.

2160 AD

New Atlantis is founded and becomes the official capital city of the United Colonies in 2161.

2167 AD

Cheyenne is settled by Solomon Coe, who founds its first settlement, Akila City.

2188 AD

Coe invites Volii to join Cheyenne in a new alliance – The Freestar Collective. The Freestar Collective is officially formed in 2189.

The manufacturers of the Chronomark watch are established.

2194 AD

The United Colonies positions the star station called the Clinic in orbit around Deepala in the Narion system. The unaffiliated peoples of the Narion system see this as a UC attempt to expand their borders and demand the UC remove the Clinic. When the UC refuses, the people of Narion vote to join the Freestar Collective, who mobilize to protect the system in 2195.

2196 AD

In response to Freestar mobilization, the UC moves a fleet into the Narion system and Freestar responds in kind. The Narion War begins.

Starfield’s 23rd century

2216 AD

The Narion War drags on as public sentiment sours. Finally, the Treaty of Narion is signed by the UC and Freestar Collective in 2216, ending the conflict. The term “Settled Systems” is formalized in the treaty.

2221 AD

The Freestar Rangers are founded as an elite protective and investigative force dedicated to serving all citizens of the Freestar Collective.

2275 AD

Constellation is formed by Sebastian Banks. Original members include:

Constellation Headquarters is built in New Atlantis to serve the needs and people of Constellation for generations to come.

Starfield’s 24th century

2305 AD

Barrett joins Constellation.

2307 AD

The Freestar Collective begins farming on the planet of Vesta in the Lunara system. By 2308 the United Colonies claims that by establishing a colony in a fourth star system, the Freestar Collective has violated the Treaty of Narion. Diplomatic talks break down and the UC lays siege to Vesta, killing anyone who stayed behind (or was brought in) to defend it. The Colony War officially begins.

2310 AD

Constellation comes into possession of their first Artifact and tucks it away in the Constellation archives.

2311 AD

After several years of conflict, the Colony War effectively comes to an end with the Battle of Cheyenne as a flotilla of civilian and military Freestar Collective ships takes down the major ships of the UC Navy using hit-and-run tactics.

2315 AD

The UC Vanguard is founded as part of a UC response to the Freestar Collective‘s use of civilian ships during the Colony War. The Vanguard is the UC’s own civilian navy, relying on civilians using their own ships, who pledged to protect the United Colonies and its interests. The ultimate reward for this service: citizenship in the United Colonies.

2319 AD

Sarah Morgan becomes the youngest head of the UC Navigator Corps, though it’s a short-lived position as the division is shut down in 2320. Cast adrift, but still eager to put her training to good use, Morgan joins Constellation.

2321 AD

Walter Stroud – co-owner of Stroud-Eklund, one of the Settled Systems’ premier starship manufacturers – joins Constellation and becomes its primary financial backer.

2322 AD

Former Crimson Fleet pirate Vladimir Sall joins Constellation.

2325 AD

Sarah Morgan becomes acting Chair of Constellation.

Theologian Matteo Khatri joins Constellation.

2326 AD

Barrett finds the original Artifact in the Constellation archives and knows it must be special.

After months of correspondence with Sarah Morgan, graduate student and gifted scientist Noel is invited to join Constellation.

2327 AD

Freestar Ranger Sam Coe and his daughter Cora Coe join Constellation.

2328 AD

Andreja joins Constellation.

Barrett convinces Constellation to purchase Constellation Space Station LO-868 and modify it to become a deep space scanner, nicknamed “The Eye.”

2330 AD

The main story of Starfield begins.